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January 23, 2019 — the day of Gregory

January 23, 2019 - the day of Gregory

23 Orthodox Christians revere the memory of St. Gregory of Nyssa. According to the national calendar, the date is called the day of Gregory, Gregory-year book.

Who is St. Gregory?

Gregory was born about 335 years in a Christian large family. He had a sister Makrina (later canonized) and brother Basil (Archbishop of Caesarea).

Gregory received an excellent education, married, but his wife died early. Having lost his wife, he went to the monastery to visit his brother.

In 372, Gregory was appointed Bishop of Nissa, but soon he was unjustly accused of embezzling money. He escaped from arrest and wandered for about three years.

In 379, he was appointed Metropolitan of Sebaste. Considered the wisest philosopher, wrote many books.

Rites and traditions of this day

23 our ancestors judged what the upcoming summer would be, because the date received the popular name St. Gregory.

They say that if today in the cold to see the first drops in the bright sun, then you have to make a wish, it will surely come true.

In order for the whole year to bring money and wealth in the house, we must go to the field on Gregory’s day, find a haystack there and go around it three times against the sun. After that, take some hay and bring it home.

According to popular beliefs, which of the 23 spouses will fall asleep first will be the first to go to another world.

What treats today to present to the person you want to like?

January 23, 2019 - the day of Gregory

If you like someone, but he does not reciprocate, on the day of Gregory treat him with red wine or grape juice. These drinks have truly magical properties. But keep in mind the centuries-old folk omens and superstitions:

1. If a bottle of wine remains unfinished, then in the near future you will have to shed a lot of bitter tears.

2. After dinner, do not leave an empty bottle on the table; it will draw poverty into the house.

3. If your guest, making a toast, raised a full glass and spilled wine on the tablecloth, do not grieve and do not scold him. This is a good sign, the house will be full of prosperity and well-being for many years to come.

4. But if red wine is spilled on the floor, then the situation is different, it portends a disease to some of your relatives.

5. Try to keep the last drops from the bottle in your glass, you will never know what poverty and misery are.

6. If you yourself accidentally spilled wine on your clothes, get ready for useless troubles that will bring a lot of fatigue and no good.

7. In the case when a guest or neighbor has a drink on your suit, you can expect a major quarrel and not necessarily with him, but with anyone.

When you still managed to interest a man who was drunk with wine, and the affair is about to end with a wedding, take note of this popular omen.

If red wine is spilled on the bride’s wedding dress during a wedding celebration, this is a bad sign. It promises a difficult family life, the husband will drink and dissolve hands.

A white wine and champagne is spilled on the wedding dress, on the contrary, to a stable and prosperous life, mutual understanding in the family.

For grapes in general, the reputation of the love berry. If the spouse is going to go on a business trip, and you doubt his loyalty, put a small bag of raisins unnoticed in your pocket or bag.

It will become a kind of guardian of your relationship and a guarantee that the husband will not even look at any woman. And for one hundred percent confidence before the trip, let him drink freshly prepared grape juice.

Folk omens 23

If on Gregory the sky is clear and without a single cloud, expect early arrival of spring.

If 23 is dry and very sunny from morning to evening, get ready for a hot and arid summer.

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