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January 23, 2019 — Why can’t we take out the garbage today? Omen of the day

Gregory, Gregory of Nyssa, Gregory the Letter Indicator (in memory of the great saint and philosopher Gregory, Bishop of Nyssa, who lived in Cappadocia in the 4th century). Summer indicator — because on this day it was decided to determine what the upcoming summer would be.

Home sign of the day — why 23 can not take out the garbage

In the people it is believed that if 23 you take out the garbage from the house or the ashes from the oven, then at the same time you take out your happiness from the house.

True or not, it’s up to you to decide, but in the end, you can wait until the next day — why risk in vain?

By the way, did you know that it was not customary for Orthodox Christians to take out garbage from home on all major church holidays and on Sundays — all homework was supposed to be done on weekdays, and these days it was necessary to rest and visit temples for prayer.

In general, it must be said that many different signs and predictions are associated with garbage in Russia. For example, you all heard that you can not throw garbage out of the house in the evening.

But why?

And what troubles can you wait if you do this?

In fact, there are several versions to this effect.

1. First, garbage is the personification of the family’s financial status, its good luck. In addition, there are a lot of personal items that you used.

And when darkness comes, the evil spirit goes on the hunt — who does not know? Therefore, if you have eaten trash out of the dark, you can expect that someone from witches or bats or even from the other world can steal something from your things to subordinate you to your will, damage or some other misfortunes and quarrels about your family.

2. Another version says that if you throw garbage in the evening, you leave the brownie without food.

Therefore, if it so happened that you threw out the garbage after all, by all means leave him something to eat — pour milk into a bowl, crumble bread there, add honey. The «owner» will be very grateful to you for such a treat.

January 23, 2019 - Why can't we take out the garbage today? Omen of the day

But Feng Shui argues that garbage can not be thrown away in the evening, because it will lead to poverty.

In China, it is believed that when you take out the garbage from home in the evening, you violate the correct flow of the energy of well-being of Qi.

If you are concerned about this issue, then wait until the morning.

And, finally, for those who do not believe in omens, there is one more quite reasonable reason not to leave the house with garbage in the evening. You never know who you can meet on the street in the dark.

And it is already not about evil spirits, as you understand. Unfortunately, the crime situation in our cities leaves much to be desired.

Therefore, in the evening it is better to stay at home. Unless, of course, you do not want unnecessary problems.

There are other signs about garbage.

1. So, do not mix food waste with other household garbage. And it is clear why.

Food waste was sent to cattle feed, and this was an important part of peasant life.

2. Those who moved to a new place of residence, threw out the garbage only if he wanted to leave old problems and misfortunes in the same place. If, on the contrary, life here was good and well-adjusted, then the garbage was necessarily taken with it.

The talisman of the day, which today will help you

If you were born 23, chrysoberyl or chalcedony can become your talisman.

Golden and very beautiful chrysoberyl is often used as an insert in jewelry, although some experts attribute it not to precious stones, but to ornamental stones.

Especially highly valued stones with the effect of a cat’s eye. Chrysoberyl helps to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Inserted into a gold frame, the stone contributes to business success, increasing wealth, prevents from making rash decisions, develops insight and helps to move up the career ladder.

Chalcedony normalizes blood pressure, gives strength and dispels depression. In magic, it is used to make talismans that protect against the evil eye, damage, and to attract love.

Especially recommended for women.

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