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January 23 — what a holiday today, born on January 23

January 23 - what a holiday today, born on January 23

What holiday is today?

Holiday 23: St. Gregory Bishop of Nyssa Day

St. Gregory was the younger brother of St. Basil the Great. His birth and subsequent upbringing coincided with Arian disputes. After studying at school, Gregory was one of the teachers of eloquence.

In 372, St. Gregory was appointed Bishop of Nissa (Cappadocia) at the initiative of his brother Basil the Great. By the year 381, Gregory was one of the most important figures of the Second Ecumenical Council, which was convened in Constantinople in order to fight the heresy of Macedonia. Macedonia itself incorrectly explained the essence of the Holy Spirit, misleading the congregation.

It was at this Council that Gregory took the initiative to supplement the Nicene Creed.

In the year 383, a Council was held in Constantinople, where Gregory of Nyssa also took an active part. It was he who said the gravestone at the funeral of Queen Plakilla.

In 384, he was again invited to Constantinople at the Local Council to take part in solving church issues in Arabia.

Prelate Nyssa is known as a defender of Orthodox dogmas, a teacher of the flock, zealously defending the faith, a compassionate father and a defender before the judges. Gregory was distinguished by patience, generosity, peacefulness.

Holiday 23: Mawlid or the Birth of the Prophet Mohammed

This holiday began to celebrate only 300 years after the arrival of Islam. Of course, the exact date of birth of the Prophet Mohammed is unknown, and this memorable day was dedicated to the day of death.

On the organization of the celebration of this fact, of course, postpones the imprint. It is known that today the birth of the Prophet Mohammed is widely celebrated in Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and other countries where Islam is actively developing. This is an official holiday in Pakistan, where it is celebrated for three days, which are non-working according to the order of local authorities.

Mawlid suggests reading prayers mentioning Allah, sending blessings to the prophet, expressing gratitude.

Decorated pavilions appear in the streets during this period, selling sugar pieces called “Alus Nabi” or “Bride of the Prophet”.

Also here you can buy a sugar rider with a saber in hand.

Holiday 23: Handwriting Day

Also a holiday known as Handwriting Day. Despite the fact that the popularity of computers is growing every year, this holiday remains relevant. The holiday was initiated by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (WIMA).

And also, exactly 23, John Hancock was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence. The signature was sweeping, large, which undoubtedly added solidity to the author.

Of course, this holiday is not so widely celebrated. But if you want to organize an event on this occasion, you can always hold a lesson in calligraphy, invite specialists involved in decoding handwriting, because a person’s handwriting can tell a lot about his character.

And, in spite of the fact that today computers, mobile phones and other equipment are available for writing texts, the holiday still remains relevant, and many people prefer writing to soulless letters.

Born 23

— 23 1783 French writer Stendal (Henri Marie Beyle) was born

— 23 1786 was born Russian architect Henri Louis de Montferrand, known for having built St. Isaac’s Cathedral

— 23 1832 was born the French graphic artist and artist Edouard Manet

— 23 1903 was born actor, director, screenwriter Grigory Alexandrov (Mormonenko).

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