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July 18 — what a holiday today, born on July 18

July 18 - what a holiday today, born on July 18

What a holiday today 18

Holiday 18: US Hot Dog Day

This year marks 55 years since the first hot dog was prepared and eaten in America. Officially, the holiday was established in 1957 on the initiative of the US Chamber of Commerce, and in 1994 the National Council of Hot Dogs and Sausages was created, which was engaged in studying the quality of the product, tasting hot dogs and actively promoting them.

Hot dog can rightfully be considered one of the traditional fast food dishes in the United States. It can be found on sale almost everywhere.

Because of this, even foreign tourists, not knowing the language, can always eat a well-known dish, whose name is international, and is understood almost everywhere.

Very interesting is the celebration of Hot Dog Day in America. In particular, it should be noted special competitions for the preparation of hot dogs, which are held by members of the council of amateur hot dogs and sausages.

Also on the streets of American cities are concerts, charity events, festivals, master classes and, of course, tasting hot dogs.

Holiday 18: The Day of the Establishment of State Fire Supervision Authorities

It is believed that the signing of the «Regulations on the bodies of the State Fire Supervision in the RSFSR» by the All-Russian Central Executive Committee and the Council of People’s Commissars 18 of 1927 was a kind of reference point in the history of the emergence and development of state fire supervision. The very same draft regulations were developed in 1926 at the All-Russian meeting of firefighters.

The State Fire Inspectorate had to carry out the development of fire prevention measures in the field of fire prevention and the organization of their extinguishing. In addition, it was required to exercise supervision over the state of fire safety of organizations, inspect fire equipment, monitor the correct operation of equipment and equipment used to extinguish fires.

Naturally, the promotion of the development of fire-technical education in the state was also considered one of the most important tasks.

As a result, the systematic implementation of preventive measures began.

Thus, at large enterprises they began to carry out fire-technical inspections and surveys, and fire safety issues became widely discussed.

For these purposes, in the residential sector, workshops even created special cells, whose duties included the development and adoption of measures to prevent and extinguish fires.

In St. Petersburg, on the basis of the Institute of Public Utility Engineers, an engineering department was even formed, which dealt with fire protection issues. As a result, the university began to produce the first specialists in the field of fire.

For the first time the holiday was widely celebrated in 2007.

Holiday 18: Remembrance Day of St. Sergius

For the Orthodox, this is indeed a special day, because Sergius is considered the founder of the Trinity-Sergius Monastery and is considered the heavenly patron of Russia. By the way, it was the first saint who appeared in Russia after the lands were liberated from the Tatar-Mongol yoke.

It is known that at baptism Sergius received the name of Bartholomew.

Even before the birth, the parents of Sergius were foretold that a great future awaited their child and that he would glorify God with his life.

Subsequently, in his youth, Sergius spent a long time in abstinence and prayer. He went down in history as a man who united and reconciled the Russian princes, and also predicted the victory in the Kulikovo battle to Dmitry Donskoy. St. Sergius died in 1392, and 30 years later, his imperishable remains were found.

In 1452 he was canonized.

Celebrities born 18

— 18 1635 born English naturalist Robert Hooke

— 18 1811 born English writer William Thackeray

— 18 1821 French singer, Pauline Viardot-Garcia, a close friend of I. Turgenev, was born.

— 18 1895 a ballerina Olga Spesivtseva was born, who emigrated to France in 1924

— 18 1933 was born poet, director, songwriter, screenwriter and actor Yevgeny Yevtushenko.

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