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July 22 — what a holiday today, born on July 22

July 22 - what a holiday today, born on July 22

What holiday is today?

Holiday 22: Azerbaijan National Press Day

The national press day is celebrated in Azerbaijan in 22, and the date for the holiday was chosen in honor of the release of the first printed publication, the Ekinchi newspaper, initiated by Hasanbek Zardabi.

It is worth noting that the national press had a significant impact on the emergence and formation of national identity (XIX-XX centuries), which led to the creation of the first democratic republic in the East. By the way, already in 1919, thanks to this, women got the right to vote, and this happened simultaneously with the USA.

Since the 1980s, the national Azerbaijani press has become the bearer of the mission to create a democratic and free press, to show respect for the expressions and thoughts of other people, to promptly inform the public by updating information, promoting tolerance and pluralism. The modern press is often called the fourth power.

Many will agree that it in every possible way contributes to the transparency of processes, improvements in the sphere of legislative, judicial, executive power.

It is worth saying that Azerbaijan has already become a member of the global information system.

Thus, following the example of democratic countries, the Press Council was established in Azerbaijan, and after that the Law on Mass Media was adopted. The decree was also issued by the Decree of the President of the Republic Heydar Aliyev dated 1998 of 1998 “On measures to ensure freedom of speech, thought and information in the Republic of Azerbaijan”, according to which censorship was eliminated and the media were completely free to express their opinions and opinions on events.

This allowed the media to develop rapidly.

Celebration 22: Kolochskaya icon of the Mother of God

She appeared in 1413 during the reign of Prince Vasily I Dimitrievich. It happened 15 versts from Mozhaisk, in the city of Koloch, Smolensk Province. The holy image was acquired by an ordinary peasant named Luke, who transferred him to his home.

One of the members of the household was ill, but, having put his brow to the icon, he immediately healed. A rumor about such a miracle passed through the neighborhood, and many suffering began to come to the icon, receiving help.

After that, Luka decides to transfer the image to Mozhaisk, and from there the Kolochskaya icon of the Mother of God is sent to Moscow. There she was met by Metropolitan Photius with the Holy Council and believers, after which the icon was returned to Mozhaisk.

A church in the name of the Holy Mother of God was built at the site of the icon, and an icon was placed in it. With funds donated by Luka and other Orthodox, another monastery was built (Mozhaisky or Kolochsky).

Also on this day celebrate the acquisition of the Cyprus icon of the Mother of God. She is depicted sitting on a throne with Jesus in her arms, and on the sides are two angels with branches.

This icon appeared in the year 392 in Cyprus. Now she is in a local monastery, where pilgrims regularly come.

Born 22

— 22 1713 French architect Jacques Germain Soufflot was born.

— 22 1784 was born the German mathematician and astronomer Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel

— 22 1888 American microbiologist Zelman Waxman was born, receiving the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for the discovery of the first anti-TB antibiotic, streptomycin.

— 22 of 1890, the mother of nine children was born Rose Kennedy, whose three sons became senators, and also John Fitzgerald Kennedy took over as president of the United States

— 22 1895 was born aircraft designer and creator of fighters Pavel Osipovich Sukhoi

— 22, 1946 was born France singer Mireille Mathieu

— 22, 1961 was born Russian actress Irina Rozanova.

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