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June 13 New Moon in Gemini

New Moon in Gemini is an amazing time, which combines such manifestations of everyday life as an exorbitant joy, positive mood, bursts of emotions and short periods of blues, when it seems that the whole world around is terrible. Twins tend to follow instant impulses, grab a lot of things at the same time and do not bring any of them to the final, learn new things, plan and not complete.

In order for this turbulent period of surges of excessive activity and all-absorbing passivity to bring only positive results, it is necessary to draw up a clear plan and take urgent steps to follow every thoughtful step beforehand.

June 13 New Moon in Gemini

Step one

The twins are naive dreamers who plan thousands of missions, but do not carry out any of them. Such is the nature of these ephemeral creatures, without empty dreams, their lives are empty. However, the incompleteness of the action goes unpunished only for Gemini.

People who do not belong to this zodiac sign should pay attention not only to plans, but also to results.

First of all, it is necessary to draw up a clear plan of action in which each stage is literally laid out on the shelves. If directly for Gemini it is important to overrun energy, action, then for representatives of other signs it is necessary to prioritize the final result of the activity.

If all gestures aimed at achieving a certain goal remain empty, the karmic punishment will not take long to come.

Step two

One of the main positive aspects of Gemini is the ability to catch information from the Cosmos, that is, literally in my gut feeling the clues that the Universe gives for the realization of the conceived goals. On this new moon, intuition and other signs will sharpen, it is only important to catch the wave and not to miss valuable information.

Step Three

During this period, the realization of even the most surprising and seemingly unrealistic desires is possible. It is only important to be able to ask the Universe to fulfill the dream.

To achieve the goal, it is necessary to visualize, imagine in possession of the desired thing, for example, a wallet, tightly packed with money or a new car.

It is necessary to literally feel, to feel those emotions that would embrace you, for example, when you are driving.

The skillful act of properly thought out thought inevitably entails material success. But one should not unnecessarily rely on the mercy of the Universe — without perseverance and the desire to do something to achieve the goal, the dream cannot come true.

In other words, it is important to create even the most unattainable goal and do everything to fulfill even the most crazy dream. Success does not take long.

Step Four

And finally, the New Moon in Gemini is one of the most favorable periods for making the journey that you have long and vainly dreamed of, as well as acquiring the most incredible, but very necessary things for which there was not enough money and the necessary need all the time. In order for the long-awaited trip to bring only positive impressions, you should leave a burden of worries and domestic troubles at home, and take along light luggage from joy, light-mindedness and anticipation of joy.

But it should be repeated once again — for the favor of the night luminary, two conditions must be met — the planning of important tasks and the achievement, albeit long and long, of the chosen goal.

It is important to remember that karma for unfinished business will still poison life for a long time.

In short, this period is favorable for any undertakings, it is only important that the path to success be accompanied by efforts and be brought to a logical final.

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