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June 13: Saturn will bring new strength and plans

June 13: Saturn will bring new strength and plansOn the 13th of 2011, Saturn — the planet of restrictions, rigid rules and legality — will finally finish its retrograde movement. What events can it cause?

The end of the retrograde phase means that any of us can take advantage of the energy of the new cycle, revival and intensive growth, and the period of difficulties in the implementation of many plans has ended.

Saturn is associated with work, debt, chronic illness, and long-term solutions. So with 13 in these areas, we are all waiting for a certain update — new paths, new ideas and new ways to make your life easier will appear.

Pessimism and dark thoughts will dissipate, the feeling of hopelessness will disappear from those whose things have not been the best since the beginning of the retrograde phase of Saturn — 26 2011.

However, remember that Saturn is a planet of discipline and dedication, so success without these two qualities is unlikely to happen.

What you should pay special attention to is intuition and all sorts of “subtexts”.

The transition of Saturn to direct movement will occur in Libra, at 11 degrees, which is characterized as “Cunning, cunning, intuition, duality.

The ability to benefit from all relationships. «

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