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June 13 — what a holiday today, born on June 13

June 13 - what a holiday today, born on June 13

What a holiday today 13

Holiday 13: Ascension of the Lord

Ascension Day is one of the most important dates for religious people. The Lord, having conquered death, brought human nature in his face and opened for each of us the opportunity to ascend to heaven in the same way, doing only good deeds during our life.

You can read about the Ascension event at the evangelists Luke and Mark.

When Jesus gave the disciples the last instructions, he came out with them from Bethany, raised his hands to heaven and blessed the apostles for good works. After that, he began to drift away from them and rise to the sky.

The disciples returned to Jerusalem and waited for the Holy Spirit to descend upon them.

In Christianity, Ascension is the feast of heaven, the day when it was opened to man as a new, eternal home and a real homeland. The thing is that it was sin that alienated us from the kingdom of heaven, and every time, on Ascension Day, it is said that good deeds will allow us to see it.

Holiday 13: Catholic Day of St. Anthony

Once, the remains of 5 Franciscans of the First Martyrs, who perished for the sake of faith in Christ, made a mission to Morocco and preached Christianity to Muslims, were brought to the Church of the Holy Cross in Coimbra.

At the temple there was a young priest, on whom this story made such a strong impression that he, too, decided to become a Franciscan.

Once in the community of younger brothers, he received the name Anthony.

Going to travel to North America, Anthony was seriously ill. After healing, I went to Italy and began to preach there. People always attentively and with interest listened to Anthony, because he possessed eloquence, impeccable knowledge of biblical texts, the ability to get the maximum attention of the audience.

Anthony also managed to set the basis for theology in Bologna, Toulouse, Montpellier, Padua. He also became one of the organizers of the educational system in the Order.

In Padua, Anthony spent the last years of his life and died 13, 1231.

Anthony is remembered not only as a preacher and priest, but also as a miracle worker. Through him, God performed the greatest miracles that helped other people to gain faith and repent of their sins.

One year after the death of Anthony (1232), Pope Gregory IX ranked Anthony as a saint.

In the XIII century, believers began to actively turn to Anthony as a saint for help in finding lost values, to get rid of diseases and troubles. In Pauda, ​​every Friday Anthony is remembered for prayer, since he died on that very day.

Then the practice of commemoration of the saint spread everywhere, but they began to do this also on Tuesday, the day Anthony’s burial took place.

It is also known that in the 19th century, the custom gained popularity, which suggested that donations for the poor were collected in churches — it was called the Bread of St. Anthony and was initiated in Toulouse in 1886.

Anthony is also venerated in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus — in honor of the saint even several temples were erected. Prayers are also often said in honor of the saint.

He is considered the patron saint of the family hearth, but they also pray to him for deliverance from diseases.

Celebrities born 13

— 13 1773 was born English physicist and creator of wave physics Thomas Jung

— 13 1831 born English physicist James Clerk Maxwell

— 13 1870 Belgian bacteriologist Jules Bordet was born

— 13 1923 was born the Soviet actor Mikhail Pugovkin

— 13 1928 was born the American economist John Nash, who is the author of game theory and the Nobel Prize

— 13 1958 was born the actor Sergei Makovetsky

— 13 1974 was born hockey player Pavel Bure

— 13 1976 TV presenter Dana Borisova was born

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