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June 16 — Neptune in Pisces in retro motion

June 16 - Neptune in Pisces in retro motion

From the age of 16, the mysterious, mystical Neptune unfolds in a retrograde position. In this state, he will be up to 22 years.

It should be noted that the planet will remain in its abode — the sign of Pisces. Neptune loves to mist, so you should get ready for confusion in both material and spiritual matters.

Many will revise and change the value system.

What is to be feared during the period of retro Neptune?

Neptune protects the spiritual more than the material world. But this does not mean that in the period of its retrograde, people will not be bothered by practical problems. Much attention should be paid to finance.

Unforeseen expenses, disruption of transactions, loss of profits are possible. After 16, it is advisable to calculate every step to save money from losses.

It is not worth while trusting someone’s promises in the period of Neptune’s retrogradeness in Pisces. Even proven people can fail, forget about their obligations.

It is recommended to recheck all incoming information, to study several sources.

Retro planet can escalate the situation, provoke chaos. It is important to cope with confusion, not to succumb to panic.

Neptune in Pisces activates fears that are normally hidden deep in the subconscious.

In the period from 16 to 22 years fraudsters are activated, drawing people into sects. In a depressed state, a person is inclined to trust beautiful promises, to follow charismatic leaders. You should be attentive to your surroundings, recheck information even about people of trust.

Do not rush to extremes, get involved with people who have problems with the law, get involved in alcohol. Also, be careful to take medications, overdose is possible.

How to direct the energy of retro Neptune to your advantage?

Planets go on their own, not plotting against humanity treacherous plans. Everything depends on the person himself, how he will use the energies of the Cosmos. After 16 years, many will feel the need to either reassess the value system or expand their spiritual horizons.

This is an excellent time for spiritual seekers.

A sense of confusion may be replaced by unexpected insight. Retro Neptune enhances intuition, sends prophetic dreams.

If earlier they were interested in some questions concerning religion, then after the 16th day they may decide on their own. At this time, it is important to keep eyes and ears open, the Universe can give various clues, indicate the further path with signs.

But do not think that retro Neptune is useful only for spiritual search. Pragmatists, too, will not remain on the sidelines. The planet blurs the line between reality and illusion, which means that it will be much easier to achieve your goals.

You can even dream every day, and even better to write in a notebook all your wishes. Neptune will help to translate them into reality in the near future, provided that dreams do not harm others.

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