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June 16 — what a holiday today, born on June 16

June 16 - what a holiday today, born on June 16

What a holiday today 16

Holiday 16: Day of the Medical Worker

Usually, the Day of the Medical Worker is celebrated on the third Sunday, and this holiday falls by just 16 a year. It is celebrated in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus on the basis of the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of 01.10.1980 N3018-X “On Festive and Memorable Days”, which was edited by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of 11.11.1988 N9724-XI “On Amendments to USSR legislation on holidays and memorable days. «

Holiday 16: Bloomsday

16 began to celebrate Bloomsday — on this day in 1904, the action «Wills». Fans of literature also remember that the meeting of Joyce and Nora Barnacle also took place. Then Joyce moved to Europe and stayed left Ireland in his heart.

Every year, Wills fans celebrate Bloomsday.

Many even come to Ireland specifically to stroll along the route described in the book — just as the heroes of the novel Bulm and Stephen did, making a trip to the territory of Dublin exactly in Bloomsday.

In 2004, the holiday was celebrated for the hundredth time. Interestingly, shortly before this, Joyce’s name in the writer’s homeland was almost banned, and his “Wills” was banned from being brought into Ireland until the 1960s.

Twentieth century. Although, of course, many tried to smuggle the book into the country in secret.

But since about 1954 in Ireland, albeit secretly, they have noted Bloomsday. It was then that five young people — writers, among whom there was even a man who called himself Joyce’s cousin, set off on a journey from the Martello Tower to the Davy Breen Pub. Only in 1982, the holiday began to gradually gain popularity in a wide circle of people.

Although it should be said that already in 1962, the James Jones Museum was opened on the territory of the Martello Tower — this is the very place where the novel begins.

Today, on the streets of Dublin, you can see not only a monument to Joyce, but also signs that indicate that the events described in the novel “Wills” took place here.

It is known that since 2004, according to the decision of the Petersburg-Ireland community, Bloomsday has been celebrated in St. Petersburg.

Holiday 16: Father’s Day

Every year, on the third Sunday, Father’s Day is celebrated. In the year the holiday falls to 16. For the first time it began to celebrate in the United States.

Then an American woman named Sonora Smart in 1909, during church service in honor of Mother’s Day, thought that after her mother died, her father brought up along with five more children, and it would be nice if not only he, but all fathers had their holiday, because many men are very selfless and lovingly treat their families.

As a result, Sonora asked the local authorities to introduce a special holiday — Father’s Day. By the way, it was originally planned to establish a fixed date 5 (Sonora’s father’s birthday), but with the preparations for the holiday a little late, after which the date was moved to 19 and only then began to change from year to year. The flowers of the day were roses.

Red roses are worn if the father is alive, and white — if he died.

Celebrities born 16

— 16 1736 was born the Russian general and founder of Kherson Ivan Hannibal

— 16 1752 was born associate of Emelyan Pugachev, the national hero of the Bashkir people and the poet Salavat Yulaev

— 16 1829 was born the leader of an Indian tribe Jeronimo, who led the fighting against US troops for 4 years

— 16 1896 born French auto industrialist Jean Peugeot

— 16 1955 born music critic, journalist, producer Artemy Troitsky

— 16 1955 was born the politician Anatoly Chubais.

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