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June 18 — what a holiday today, born on June 18

June 18 - what a holiday today, born on June 18

What a holiday today 18

Holiday 18: Memorial Day of St. Prince Theodore Yaroslavich of Novgorod

In 1232, Fyodor, who by that time was 14 years old, decided to serve God not only with prayer, but also with a sword. To this end, he decided to take part in the campaign of Russian troops against the pagan princes from Mordovia.

At the request of his father in 1233, Fedor was supposed to marry, but when the guests had already gathered at the wedding, the groom suddenly died.

Saint Prince Fedor was buried in the Yuriev Monastery of Novgorod. In 1614, the tomb was crushed by Swedish troops.

The incorruptible relics of Fyodor were discovered, over which the Swedes outraged, placing Fyodor’s body at the church wall. Today, the holy relics of Fyodor are located in the Novgorod St. Sophia Cathedral, where pilgrims come to pray.

Holiday 18: Haurvat

The haurvat is celebrated by the Zoroastrians on the day of the summer solstice. According to their beliefs, only a person who is able to restore a person’s integrity, heal him spiritually and physically can be considered a true doctor.

But, of course, nothing can be more healing than the elements. And it was the water in Haurvat that attached special importance.

They said that 18 water in natural sources is capable of purifying the human soul, ridding it of all diseases.

And, by the way, if you recall Russian folk tales, they used «live» and «dead» water in the revival of the heroes. So, it is dead water, according to beliefs, appears in all reservoirs during the period of Haurvat.

Having drunk it, a person finds harmony, gets rid of internal contradictions.

It is also believed that Haurvat is able to revive faith, help a person regain lost values ​​and free his soul from sins and doubts. On this day, people get together to drink juice, milk or water from a common bowl. Also eat the first fruit.

The holiday begins at sunrise and ends at sunset. After that, according to tradition, 4 lights are lit.

Holiday 18: Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

It is celebrated for the glorification of the love of God, which gave salvation to mankind.

It is Jesus who, in the Christian faith, is a symbol of merciful love of neighbor. It is worth noting that the meaning of the word «heart» in the biblical understanding is somewhat different from the value that is attached to it today.

In modern culture it is a symbol of feelings, but in the Hebrew language and, accordingly, in the mentality of the nation, this is the deep essence of man, his decisions and intentions.

As the saying goes, God gave people a «heart to think.» Until the appearance of the cult of the Heart of Jesus, the love of God was personified in the image of Christ as the Good Shepherd, and in the Middle Ages the wounds of Christ and the head, crowned with thorns, were especially honored.

In the XVI century, the cult of the Heart of Christ becomes very strong. This is largely due to the Order of the Jesuits.

On the feast after Holy Communion, a special prayer is read, requesting that the Heart of Jesus teach people to see brothers in each other.

Celebrities born 18

— On 18, 1799, English astronomer William Laksell was born, who became famous for discovering Triton, the first satellite of the planet Neptune, Hyperon, the eighth satellite of Saturn, two satellites of Uranus and over 600 nebulae

— 18 1812 was born the Russian writer Ivan Goncharov, who became the author of the novel «Oblomov»

— 18 1832 was born the German psychologist, philosopher and physiologist Wilhelm Wundt

— 18 1845 was born French epidemiologist and doctor Charles Louis Alfons Laveran, who won the Nobel Prize in 1907

— 18 1942 in Liverpool was born one of the members of the quartet «The Beatles» According to McCartney.

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