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June 22 — what a holiday today, born on June 22

June 22 - what a holiday today, born on June 22

What holiday is today?

Holiday 22: Day of Remembrance and Mourning

22 is one of the saddest dates in Russian history, since this day reminds us of the people who died during the Second World War. Moreover, 22 recall not only military personnel, but also civilians who were killed, tortured in fascist captivity, died in the rear, unable to withstand hardship and starvation.

Not only in Russia, but also in many countries of the world, according to tradition, each year, 22 lower the flags and arrange memorial days. As for Russia, thematic lessons are held in schools, meetings with war veterans are organized, military films are shown — everything is done so that descendants do not forget about how terrible a war can be, and how much you need to love your Homeland, in order to give for her own life.

Holiday 22: Day of the Skipper Snake (Snake Day)

After the birth of Perun, Skiper-Serpent came to earth, who buried little Perun in a deep cellar and took him to Nav, where his sisters lived.

However, Perun was subsequently freed by Khors, Velez and Stribog, and he himself defeated Skiper the Serpent.

According to legends, 22, when Skiper-Serpent comes to the ground, one can observe ghosts, clouds of crows and wolves in the fields, and if you put your ear to the ground, you can hear how it moans. Someone also sees a fire in a winter field. It is safe to say that before people really believed in Nav and on that day they waited for enemy invasions.

And it is not surprising that such a sign emerged, since both the Patriotic War of 1812 and the Second World War of 1941 began, respectively, 19 and 22 — very close to Snake Day.

On this day, in the Vedic temples, believers were advised to go to the lakes and rivers to perform ritual ablutions and cleanse themselves of sins. In Orthodoxy, this day is marked in the calendar as the Day of Isaac, and in the folk calendar is recorded as the Day of snake weddings.

According to beliefs, at this time snakes crawl and go to a snake wedding. By the way, in many villages even today damned places are preserved — the so-called snake slides, which it is better not to visit.

Holiday 22: Vayu

This is a holiday that traditionally celebrates exactly 22, when the Sun is in the first degree of Cancer. Vayu means vacuum, emptiness, something that protects the universe from any invasion.

It holds huge potential forces that one day a person will learn to use. It is customary to hold a holiday in nature, accompanying leisure with dances and fun.

It is also known that Vayu in some cultures is the deity of light wind and senses. It is believed that on this day any collective event will be successful, including marriage.

Celebration 22: Kirillov Day

On this day, St. Cyril, the archbishop of Alexandria, is remembered in churches. He was born in a very rich family and in his youth decided to devote himself to God. He was ordained deacon under Patriarch Theophilus, and after the death of the latter, Kirill became Patriarch of Alexandria and led the struggle against Novat’s heresy.

In 1937 he built a temple in honor of the Assumption of the Mother of God.

It is known that St. Cyril worked wonders in his lifetime.

For example, at the time of famine in his prayer, the bread in the monastery’s breadbasket did not dry up.

Born 22

— 22 1758 born English navigator and explorer George Vancouver

— 22 1767 was born the philosopher and philologist Wilhelm Humbolt

— 22 1837 born American chess genius Paul Charles Morphy

— 22 1856, a public figure, publicist and prose writer Henry Rider Haggard was born

— 22 1949 was born film actress Meryl Streep.

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