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March 10, 2019 — Day of Taras Kumoshnik

March 10, 2019 - Day of Taras Kumoshnik

10 in Orthodoxy revered St. Tarasius, Patriarch of Constantinople. In the national calendar, the date is called Taras Kumoshnik, Taras Sleepless, spring snake, kumoha.

Who is holy Tarasius?

Tarasius lived in the VIII-IX centuries, had a notable origin. He was an iconic person in the management of the empire, as he served as secretary to Empress Irene.

Not being a clergyman, in 784 at the Ecumenical Council he was elected Patriarch of Constantinople.

It is known that Tarasius led a harsh ascetic lifestyle, he strictly fasted and slept very little. He rendered assistance to people in need — he fed the hungry, cured the sick and the infirm, built a monastery and a hospital.

He died in the year 806. At the deathbed of Tarasia, many people received healing from diseases.

Rites and traditions of this day

A very good sign is to find 10 dropped snake skin. The finder will save himself from all sorts of diseases for the rest of his life.

As soon as the first signs of illness appear, you need to pelt the skin in your hands and ask for healing.

It must be kept in a secluded place so that neither strangers nor children have access to it. Because the loss of the snake skin found will be a bad sign, it is a sure sign of a serious and prolonged illness.

In general, the people of the day Tarasia had a bad reputation. People were afraid of trouble, and in any accident they saw a bad omen.

For example, there is such a sign — if 10 in the house the door from the hinges falls, it promises the family the most terrible misfortunes (death, fire, hunger).

If possible, it is advisable to spend this hard day at home and not start any new business, but you can plan it.

Therefore, no one was allowed into the house today and they did not look in the windows so that they wouldn’t collide face to face.

And another 10 you must necessarily pray to Saint Taras. It is on his day that fever catches sleep on people, and already infects the sleepy body. If Taras pray, he will save her.

Nevertheless, our ancestors did not care that day there was a ban on day and night sleep.

Signs that the man’s kumoh has attacked is rampant shaking, his whole body twists and sore legs.

Fever clings to people, not only in dreams, but also on the roads. In this case, get rid of it as follows:

1. We must return to the place where the person was allegedly attacked by a fever (from the place from which he began to twist, shake and break). With him, you need to grab barley cereals.

2. Having come to the place, it is necessary to twist around its axis several times, while scattering the cereal and reading the plot: “Come on, little bit, change with you. I give you cereal, and you are my body’s health. ”

3. After that, on all four sides you have to make a bow and leave without turning around.

If the fever attacks little children, then you need to take some raw water and read the prayers of St. Taras over it. Then give the baby three sips to drink, and wash it with the remaining water.

Folk omens 10

On the night of 10 look at the sky. If the month has sharp horns, wait for severe frosts.

If today, the crows screamed continuously and loudly, it is worth waiting for a rainy and rainy summer.

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