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March 10 — what a holiday today, born on March 10

March 10 - what a holiday today, born on March 10

What a holiday today 10

Holiday 10: Archives Day

10 celebrate Archive Day. Initially, the holiday fell on 28, but with the introduction of the Gregorian calendar, after recalculations, it was moved to 10. The choice of date is due to the fact that it was on this day that Peter the Great signed the first state act in Russia called “General Regulations or the Charter”.

The document determined the basis of the organization of public administration, established the introduction of a public office as an archivist in government bodies. Thanks to the reforms of Peter the Great, the foundations were laid for the development of archival work in Russia.

Holiday 10: Day of Geodesy and Cartography in Russia

It is known that the art of drawing up geographic drawings in Russia was actively developing in the pre-Peter the Great epoch. For example, in 1667 the voivode P.I.

Godunov ordered to make a map of Siberia, and its copy is now stored in the Stockholm State Archives. But the profession itself cartographer appeared only in March 1720, when Peter I issued a decree, after which the first cartographic surveys were started.

Significant progress was achieved by geodesy and cartography under Nicholas I after the Pulkovo Observatory was founded. It was at this time that large-scale work was carried out.

In particular, it is worth noting the measurement of the arc of the meridian from Lapland to the mouths of the Danube, under the guidance of Struve, drawing up a three-part topographic map of the western provinces in 1846.

Sheets of cards began to be sold already under the rule of Alexander II. Under him, the publication of the 10-mile card of European Russia was carried out.

Maps for the Asian part of Russia (Central Asia, the Caucasus) also appeared. By the way, the appearance of private cartography dates back to the same period.

As for the United Geodetic Service of the RSFSR, the date of its formation is 1919. Since 1992, it has been called the Federal Service for Geodesy and Cartography of Russia.

Holiday 10: Purim

This holiday is celebrated in memory of the miraculous salvation of the Jews in the Persian kingdom. The event happened more than 2400 years ago. At that time, King Akhashverosh ruled, who, by drawing lots, determined the day of the destruction of Persia.

He signed an order for the extermination of Jews, not knowing that his wife was Jewish. As a result of further events at the request of Esther, the emperor could not cancel the decree, but issued another, according to which the Jews could protect their property and rights.

Ever since 10 is considered a national holiday for Jews, who celebrate it for two days. At this time, carnivals, processions are held, delicious dishes are prepared. By the way, the symbol of the holiday are the patties with jam, which are called gomentashi.

Friends and friends during Purim decided to send various treats.

Despite the fact that Jews are quite restrained in their behavior towards alcohol, in Purim it is not just allowed, but according to tradition it is recommended to get drunk and have fun. The holiday is very fervent and fun, with lots of activities.

It is also worth noting that Purim in different cities can be celebrated on different days.

Celebrities born 10

— 10 1415, the Grand Prince of Moscow Vasily II Vasilyevich the Dark was born, who first ruled under his mother and then independently

— 10 1628 was born the Italian biologist and doctor Marcello Malpigi

— 10 1885 Russian ballet dancer was born and subsequently teacher of classical dance teaching Tamara Karsavina

— 10, 1958 Hollywood actress Sharon Stone was born

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