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March 17, 2019 — Why is it possible to remove any spell today? Omen of the day

• Day of Gerasim Grachevnik (in memory of the Orthodox saint Gerasim of Jordan);

• expulsion of a fighter kikimora (this is the only day of the year when fictions are fired from the house).

The main omen of the day — today, with great efficiency, you can remove any love spells, do not miss

The people believed that with the onset of spring days not only the long-awaited warmth comes and nature is renewed, but the spring itself drives all evil spirits off the ground, which triumphed during the harsh winter and long nights.

It was 17 that was considered by our ancestors as the day of the beginning of the spring struggle with evil spirits.

All the ceremonies, conspiracies and rituals held today will be as effective as possible.

Women tried not to miss this day in order to remove the love spell from her husband, if such an unpleasant situation happened in the family.

However, you first need to determine whether it is really a love spell? Its presence can be recognized by the following features:

• a man suddenly and abruptly lost interest in his spouse;
• in the family there are constant quarrels and scandals;
• partial or complete withdrawal of the man from the family;

• he has a general depressed and depressed state;
• health deteriorated, fatigue appeared, the man quickly tired;
• psychosomatic problems appear, sleep worsens;
• he is intensely quick-tempered and irritable, sometimes an adult man behaves like a tearful child;
• the husband has a sharply negative reaction to his wife.

1. Pour salt into a clean frying pan and set to heat to a small fire.

2. While it is warming up, read the conspiracy words:

“I beg you, Mother Salt, as you are pure and white, so clean the servant of God (name). All that is spoiled, induced and slandered, remove from it.

He ate everything with food, took it with a lining, drank it with a drink, take it off. All that evil lips whispered to him and evil eyes were sent, remove from him. My will is strong and the words are unbreakable.


3. Read the words all the time while the salt is heated to a hot state. On average, it takes from 8 to 10 minutes.

Concentrate as much as possible and imagine mentally how everything alien and bad leaves your husband.

4. When the salt starts to crackle a little, sprinkle it from the griddle onto a plate and set it on the picture of the spouse.

5. In the evening, take a photo and, looking at it, read the words of the plot again. Now put the photo in a plate with salt and sprinkle it on top.

Do this procedure for two more nights in a row.

6. After the end of the rite, salt must be thrown out.

However, keep in mind that if a spell was made by a professional magician, then removing it in such a simple way will fail, you will need a return professional.

The talisman of the day, which today will help you

The talisman 17 are products from turquoise and amethyst. They will help their owner to keep a clear mind, ward off evil thoughts and forebodings.

These are good charms for those who are addicted to drug addiction and alcoholism.

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