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March 21, 2019 — Spring Solstice

March 21, 2019 - Spring Solstice

21 in Russia celebrated the Spring Solstice, in another it is also called the vernal equinox. The holiday is dedicated to the fact that today is the same length for the day and the night, which means that from this date the real spring comes to earth.

Rites and traditions of this day

21 taken to bake from the dough figures in the form of birds. The Slavs had a tradition of throwing these birds up high and catching.

People believed that in this way they would catch health, happiness, and good fortune sent from heaven.

To this day the willow is already dismissed. Our ancestors necessarily cut several branches at the Spring Solstice and placed them at home.

It was believed that the willow will drive out from the home of ailments, quarrels and domestic turmoil.

Try to look into your future today.

21 is a magical day, it is favorable to tell a little bit about your future.

By color passing cars

Leave today at the intersection of four roads, count to three and see what color car will pass by you first:

• black — wait for trouble;
• red — a new love will come into your life;

• blue — the cherished dream will come true;
• yellow — you are waiting for success in school or professional activity;
• gray — it is possible to move to a new place of residence and other work;
• green — suddenly get rich (win the lottery, get an inheritance, a bonus).

Take a bag of beans, put your hand in it and take out a good zhmenyu legumes. Try now to decompose it into three piles, approximately the same in volume.

The first will predict the future about health, the second about work, and the third about personal life. Now count the number of beans in each pile, and determine what it means:

1. Health (the first handful). Even number — excellent health and calm of the whole body; odd — possible illness.

2. Work (second pile). Even number — success in studies and professional activities, promotion, addition of salary, bonuses; odd — unsuccessful career, problems in learning, perhaps, will have to be forced to change jobs.

3. Personal life (the third pile). An even number — mutual understanding, love, peace and well-being will reign in your family; odd — betrayals are possible among spouses, which will lead to contention and eventually to parting.

If the bird suddenly changed its flight, expect dramatic changes in your life.

Folk omens 21

21 clouds across the sky high and fast swim — to establish good weather in the coming days.

If today thick fog falls to the ground, it means frost is expected.

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