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March 23, 2019 — Kondratiev day

March 23, 2019 - Kondratiev day

23 in Orthodoxy is the day of remembrance of the martyr Codrata Nicomedia. In the national calendar, the date is called Kondratiev day.

Who is holy Codrat?

He lived in the III century, he came from a rich noble family. But all his considerable wealth was distributed by Codrat to help Christian brothers, since he himself professed this faith.

The pagans demanded him to renounce Christ and invented the most terrible torment — they would put their backs on small nails and crush them with a huge stone; placed in a bag with poisonous snakes and left overnight; thrown into flames and planted on a red-hot iron grill. Each time, by the will of God, Codrat remained safe and sound.

Then in impotent rage the pagans beheaded him.

Rites and traditions of this day

From the spring sun the snow melts amicably and can flood the house, so from 23 they begin to dig small grooves in the yards so that the melt water does not go into the cellars.

Today, it is undesirable to visit the dentist, to appoint scheduled operations and make large purchases. It is better to devote the day to the family and pamper the household with delicious pastries.

Today we need to light red candles to cleanse the home.

23 is an auspicious day for conducting a cleansing rite at home. You can light a lamp for the whole day or bypass all rooms around the perimeter with a burning red candle.

After that, sprinkle every corner with holy water and cross it.

The flame of a candle, like any fire, people have endowed with magical properties since ancient times. Therefore, candles, as a source of purifying burning, are always actively used for rites and rituals.

Over the centuries, omens and superstitions associated with a candle have been noticed and tested by time.

When the candles break, it also does not bode well — trouble, bad luck, the separation of two loving people, and even a divorce for the spouses. Especially bad if the candles left after the wedding ceremony or baptism and are stored in the house as a talisman.

In this case, a broken candle indicates a strong induced damage. It is impossible to reuse such candles, they must be brought to the temple and put in a special box near the candlesticks, where the butts are put for subsequent melting.

Bad luck, if for no reason burst candlestick. This foreshadows the owner of great trouble, a quarrel, a long separation from a loved one, and even the death of loved ones.

Keep in mind that candlesticks can not be given and accepted as a gift. People say that such a gift portends the dead man in the house.

Never place three burning candles on the table at the same time. This is a bad omen, promises a serious illness or death of one of the household members.

When you light candles in the house, pay attention to their burning:

1. If the flame crackles, and sparks fly from the wick, it means that someone wishes you evil and spreads bad rumors behind your back;

2. When the wax drains in thick, uniform rushes from all sides, you will soon receive serious (perhaps unpleasant) news;

3. If the wax flows down light «tears», it means that in your life there has come a period of peace and harmony;

4. A strong child comes from a candle — you expect troubles and diseases;

5. If the candle burns evenly, quietly and calmly, without making any extraneous sounds — this is to great happiness.

Folk omens 23

If 23 hares come to a human dwelling, it means they will keep the cold, the heat will come soon.

In Kondratiev, a dense fog falls to the ground by the rainy summer.

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