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March 23, 2019 — Why do we need to collect thawed or rain water today? Omen of the day

• Kondratiev Day (in memory of the Orthodox martyr Codrat Nicomedia);

• Day of the Goddess of Vesta (an ancient Slavic pagan holiday, by which it was judged whether there would be more cold or spring was finally established);

• Vasilisin Day (in memory of the Christian martyr Vasilissa);

• Vasilisa — the spring of spring water (the people believed that St. Vasilisa rules the spring streams).

The main omen of the day — collect today rain or melt water and protect yourself from floods

The people said that spring cares for the peasants at Vasilisa, the water from the house should be diverted so that it did not flood the basement. Water discharge is performed by breaking through the grooves.

Those who own private houses should send Vasilisa 23 requests to protect their homes from floods and melt water.

It was believed that those houses whose owners had sinned a lot during the year were heavily flooded. After all, water can penetrate into every crack, which means that it is omniscient, that is, it knows everything about everyone and is aware of the events that occur in houses.

Our ancestors of 23 collected rain and melt water, believed that after seeing this, Vasilisa would certainly save the house from the flood. Moreover, melt water on this day has healing power.

The legend of the martyr Vasilissa

The martyr Vasilissa lived only nine years. She was forced to renounce Christ, but nothing broke the young woman’s faith.

She constantly prayed and came out of all the terrible agony unscathed.

They beat her face, hung her upside down and burned her head with fire, threw her into a burning stove, gave her to be eaten by hungry lions. When, after all the torture, she left the city and stood on a stone, she prayed, then from under it he began to beat the water source.

Near this stone, Vasilissa quietly died and was interred. The water from the spring healed many people.

According to this legend, 23 people tried to collect rain or melt water in order to use its healing power.

As for the comparison of melt and rainwater, then definitely the first one is much more useful. The concept of «acid snow» does not exist, because the snowflakes descending from the sky to the ground are openwork ice crystals and do not absorb any harmful gases.

But about the rain often say that it is acidic.

Most importantly, do not collect snow for melt water from the roadsides. Reagents and salts that are sprinkled with trails in winter get there.

The best snow is fresh, untouched and only fallen in the courtyards of houses, in parks, in the fields.

And with icicles in general, no problems — a few things were broken, put in a bucket and let them thaw. You can simply at room temperature, either over low heat, or near a heating battery.

The best ways to use melt water

Melt water is ideal for watering houseplants, stratifying and germinating seeds. Water from the aqueduct is quite hard due to the addition of various salts.

Melt water is soft; watering it indoor flowers, do not have to often change the ground.

Melt water is practically comparable to distilled water. She quickly pulls out the essential oils from the seeds soaked in it, thereby accelerating their awakening.

The talisman of the day, which today will help you

The talisman 23 is amazonite or jasper. These stones will help overcome the lack of self-confidence, drive away an anxious feeling, lift your spirits.

They bring special peace and joy to family relationships.

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