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March 23 — what a holiday today, born on March 23

March 23 - what a holiday today, born on March 23

What a holiday today

Holiday 23: Day of Hydrometeorological Service of the Russian Federation

This is a professional holiday established by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation on 19th of 2008. It is known that the Hydrometeorological Service of the Russian Federation boasts a rather long history.

In April 1834, at the initiative of Emperor Nicholas I, the Normal Magnetic and Meteorological Observatory was opened in St. Petersburg. Since that time, regular observations (magnetic and meteorological) have been carried out here within the framework of a unified guideline.

In 2009, the Hydrometeorological Service of the Russian Federation celebrated its 175th anniversary, with which its employees were congratulated by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Holiday 23: World Meteorology Day

The official “start” for hydrometeorological monitoring was given about 170 years ago by Emperor Nicholas I. The main objective of Roshydromet was to reduce the threat to the life and health of the population, as well as reduce the likelihood of damage to the state economy.

By the way, the analysis of information on damage prevention confirms the fact that the work of meteorologists can reduce economic losses by about 40% (in construction — up to 46%, in the marine area — up to 15%, etc.).

Holiday 23: Maslenitsa-Komodeitsa

Surely today, few people remember that Shrovetide is not an ordinary holiday to welcome spring. Previously, she was known as Komoyednitsa and symbolized the onset of the spring equinox.

In pagan culture, it was one of the most important and most revered holidays. In fact, it was an agricultural New Year.

Saturday on the eve of the Maslenitsa week was known as “Little Maslenitsa”. And right now it was necessary to commemorate the deceased parents.

People, sitting down to have breakfast, lunch or dinner, 23 invited their dead relatives to the table, leaving the tables laid for them all night.

Holiday 23: All-Ukrainian Day of cultural workers and amateurs of folk art

23 All-Ukrainian Day of cultural workers and amateurs of folk art is celebrated. This is a relatively young holiday, which was established in March 2000 in accordance with the Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 484/2000, which noted that, given the contribution that cultural workers and amateurs of folk art constantly make, it is worthwhile to encourage their activities and introduce a professional holiday .

The importance of this day is also due to the fact that Ukraine is one of those cultures that has magically managed to withstand the onslaught of the most diverse states that have long claimed its lands.

If we talk about history, the ancestors of the Ukrainians can be considered Slavs. In general, researchers distinguish pre-Slavic and Christian culture.

Any of these areas has evolved in interaction with the cultures of the East and the West. The Polish-Lithuanian state had a strong influence on it.

The role of tsarist Russia, which has increased the level of literacy in the country, and in parallel the development of Novo-Ukrainian literature, which was nevertheless written in the national language, is also important.

Born 23

— 23 1749: French mathematician, astronomer, physicist Pierre Simon Laplace was born.

— 23 1776 was born the doctor, the founder of clinical medicine in Russia, the organizer of the first clinic of Moscow University and the actual State Counselor (until 1831) Matvey Mudrov

— 23 1881 was born the German chemist Hermann Staudinger, received in 1953 the Nobel Prize in Chemistry

— 23 1912 in Germany was born the American missile designer Werner Brown, who became the chief designer of the Apollo project.

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