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March 3, 2019 — Why is it undesirable today to stumble on the way home? Omen of the day

• Yaryla Ovsianik’s day (on this day, the God of fertility and the sun with a small helper bird-porridge announces the real arrival of spring).

The main sign of the day — today on the way home, be careful, do not stumble

Since ancient times, it has become a sign that you need to be extremely careful on your way home and look carefully at your feet so that you don’t get into bumps. Because if you stumble, then in the evening there will certainly be a quarrel with relatives, and not a petty one, but a serious one.

In order to somehow neutralize the signs, and a major quarrel to translate into a minor misunderstanding, you need to turn around yourself three times, jumping on the leg that stumbled. And be sure to spit on the left shoulder.

Such an ordinary thing as a stumbling block, in fact, has a prophetic character, and much can be predicted. It all depends on time and place, as well as on exactly which foot you stumbled upon.

Stumble over the threshold

A bad omen to stumble on the threshold, it means that evil has settled under it.

It is impossible to let her into the house at all, therefore, having stumbled on the threshold at the exit, immediately turn back, look in the mirror and knock three times on the door jamb.

That will be enough to cast out demonic power.

If you stumble upon entering the house, also go back and turn around yourself three times over your left shoulder. It is believed that by such actions you will confuse evil spirits, and she will not be able to get into the house.

In the case when you have a dream of stumbling on the threshold, in real life, take a closer look at those around you. Most likely, an imaginary friend who has been plotting behind his back has got into your company.

This is the worst superstition. They say the one who stumbled at the cemetery, the dead do not want to let go back.

Perhaps this is a warning about a serious illness that can be fatal.

Take this caution seriously and try to neutralize.

After returning from the cemetery, go to church, put all the dead relatives about candles of repose, order a memorial prayer. Buy one candle and take it with you, burn it at home in an uninhabited room (in the attic, in the garage or in the shed), but not where people are often.

Right or left foot?

1. Stumbling on the right leg promises trouble, and if it also falls, it will happen a lot of grief to sip.

2. In the case of the left foot, everything is exactly the opposite. This is a good sign, such a spooker foreshadows profit, success in work and love, a successful start or completion of some serious business.

Not just tripping on your left foot, but also falling, says that you can destroy all the obstacles in your life path.

The talisman of the day, which today will help you

Talisman 3 are decorations and carnelian figurines. This mineral protects a person from damage and the evil eye, helps in self-realization, gives courage, intuition, eloquence.

Especially suitable for creative individuals, contributes to the development of their talent.

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