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March 3 — what a holiday today, born on March 3

March 3 - what a holiday today, born on March 3

What holiday is today?

Holiday 3: World Writer’s Day

3 marks World Writer’s Day. The idea of ​​its introduction belongs to an English writer named Katherine Amy Dawson-Scott. As the first president of a specially created literary organization, John Galsworthy is elected.

This is how the PEN Club appears, which in 1923 held an international congress, which led to the creation of other similar clubs. It was found to be the 3rd Writer’s Day, and today it is a professional holiday in many countries of the world.

Holiday 3: Mother’s Day in Georgia

The holiday was established by the first president of Georgia, Zviad Gamsakhurdia, in 1991. This decision was also legalized by the Supreme Council of Georgia.

Initially it was assumed that Mother’s Day will replace 8, but today it is known about the coexistence of these two holidays. But there is no male holiday in the calendar at all — the country does not note 23.

The main goal of Mother’s Day in Georgia is to maintain national traditions, among which is precisely love and respect for mother.

It is important to strengthen family foundations and congratulate the mothers, expressing gratitude for all their good deeds.

It is believed that Mother’s Day is a purely family holiday on which children should congratulate their mothers.

Holiday 3: The Day of the Liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Yoke

3 in Bulgaria celebrate the Day of liberation from the Ottoman oppressors and the resurrection of the Bulgarian state. It is known that from 1396 to 1878.

Bulgaria was incorporated into the Ottoman Empire. Russia’s victory in the Russian-Turkish war led to the fact that Bulgaria gained its long-awaited independence. It was 3 years of 1878 that the Treaty of San Stefano was signed between the Ottoman Empire and Russia.

By its terms, Bulgaria became the largest state in the Balkans, and South Trakia, Macedonia, Dobrogea, Serbia were to come under its subordination. But in the summer of 1878 the Sagn-Stefan Treaty was changed, and the territories of Bulgaria were trimmed. True, the state remained independent, and therefore, every year 3 Bulgarians celebrate this event.

On this day, raise the national flag, lay wreaths on the grave of the Unknown Warrior in Sofia, hold other special events.

Holiday 3: Girls’ Day — Hina Matsuri

Another name for the holiday is “Momo no Sekku” or “Peach Blossom Holiday”. However, it was the name “Hina Matsuri” (“Dolls’ Holiday”) that was most prevalent.

On this day, little girls receive special dolls as a gift and go to the temple to the service, wearing beautiful kimonos.

At first, the holiday was celebrated only at the court and among the military class. Later, however, such traditions penetrated popular life.

Dolls used to be made of paper and other available materials, and today they are, of course, more elegant and beautiful. Usually, there are whole exhibitions of dolls that are worth a visit.

Also mini-exhibitions are organized even in simple families — 3 dolls are put up for special pedestals.

Born 3

— 3 1845 was born the German mathematician Georg Kantor, who was educated at the universities of Berlin, Zurich, Göttingen.

Already at the age of 24 he became a private assistant professor, and a few years later he became an adjunct professor. In 1879, Cantor — Professor of Mathematics at the University of Gallic

— 3 1847 was born the creator of the telephone with a metal pen, Alexander Bell

— 3 1880 was born Lev Shchirba, a famous linguist, an expert in Russian, French, Slavic languages

— 3 1907 was born the Soviet physicist and creator of the synchrophasotron Vladimir Veksler.

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