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May 17 — what a holiday today, born on May 17

May 17 - what a holiday today, born on May 17

What a holiday today 17

Holiday 17: International Day Against Homophobia

The term “homophobia” itself appeared relatively recently — it happened in 1972. Prior to this, such a phenomenon, in fact, was a social norm.

However, at that time, the psychiatrist George Weinberg first used the term “homophobia” as an irrational fear of homosexuals, neglect and rejection of their culture.

It must be said that, no doubt, it is the twentieth century that can be boldly called the historical period in which homophobia was fully revealed. Gays were deported to concentration camps during the Nazi regime, subjected to blackmail and persecution even in liberal America in the era of McCarthyism, in the Soviet GULAG there were not less number of homosexuals.

In many countries, and today, attitudes towards gay men remain the same. It is known that in 80 countries of the world homosexual relations are illegal and punishable up to imprisonment and the death penalty.

The idea of ​​establishing the International Day for the Fight Against Homophobia arose through the initiative of the French scientist and writer Louis-Georges Ten. And 17 was not chosen for this purpose by chance. So it was on 17th of 1990 that the General Assembly of the World Health Organization excluded homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses.

As a result, Teng, speaking with a request to organize a holiday, expressed the hope that this would help improve the lives of people who have a non-standard orientation.

Officially, the International Day for the Fight against Homophobia in Russia has been celebrated since 2003. This holiday is rather contradictory, but nevertheless reflects the interests and rights of certain sections and categories of society.

Holiday 17: World Information Community Day

It is known that until 2006, this day was celebrated exclusively as the International Telecommunication Day or was called World Telecommunications Day. Celebrated the holiday since 1969 after a decision was taken by the session of the Administrative Council of the International Telecommunication Union.

The choice of date is due to the fact that it was 17/1865 after 2.5 months of difficult and intensive negotiations in Paris that the first Telegraph Agreement of the international level was signed, as a result of which the International Telegraph Union was founded. Since 1932, the International Telecommunication Union began to function.

Holiday 17: Norwegian National Day

This is the anniversary of the adoption of the Norwegian Constitution 17. This event took place in 1814 at the National Assembly in Eidsvoll, where the Constitution was signed, which affirmed the freedom and independence of Norway.

It is known that for more than 400 years, Norway was a province of Denmark, and then entered into union with Sweden, which lasted until 1905. Then the Constitution was proclaimed, which was considered one of the most progressive in all of Europe.

National Day of Norway for the locals — this holiday. Everyone decorates houses, cars, yachts with national flags, people put on traditional costumes and go to the streets to take part in processions, watch concerts.

In Oslo on this day the royal family welcomes participants of the holiday from the balcony of the royal palace.

Celebrities born 17

— 17 1490 was born the last Grand Master of the Tefton Order, Albrecht the Elder

— 17 1749, born English doctor Edward Jenner, who created the smallpox vaccine;

— 17 1847 was born the historian of antiquity and the father of Marina Tsvetaeva Ivan Tsvetaev

— 17 1942, the famous Italian fashion designer Nicola Trussardi was born.

— 17 1950 was born Valeria Novodvorskaya, the famous oppositionist.

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