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May 18 — what a holiday today, born on May 18

May 18 - what a holiday today, born on May 18

What a holiday today 18

Holiday 18: International Museum Day

There is an opinion that it is through museums that society is able to express its own attitude to the historical and cultural heritage. And it is difficult to disagree with this statement, because it is the museums that collect and preserve monuments of spiritual and material culture, carry out large-scale educational and educational, scientific and educational work.

So, 18 is considered to be the Day of Museums. Very often in Russia, the entrance to museums is free — this is how people are encouraged to visit museums, to respect the cultural heritage.

Holiday 18: Baltic Fleet Day

Today it is the oldest Russian fleet, which is an operational-strategic alliance capable of effectively functioning in the air, at sea, on land. It is known that the Baltic Fleet includes more than 150 Russian aircraft and helicopters, over 100 warships.

Holiday 18: Victoria Day in Canada

This is a celebration that is celebrated in honor of the birthday of Queen Victoria.

True, now it is practically not celebrated even in Great Britain, where previously it was the most important celebration for local residents.

The history of the holiday itself says that they began to celebrate it in 1901, when the Canadian parliament adopted the Act, according to which an official holiday called the Victoria Day Holiday was established. An amendment to the resolution regarding the status of Canada determined the date of the celebration.

It was a day when tribute was given to Queen Victoria.

It is known that she played a key role in the history of Canada. And it should be said that this was indeed the case, given that the locals called villages and cities in honor of the queen — a rare settlement does not have anything associated with the name of Victoria.

By the way, on the bill of 20 Canadian dollars you can see a portrait of the queen.

Today, no particularly lush celebrations are observed. For most Canadians, this is just an extra day off, which completes the first long weekend in the spring. True, it is worth noting that often it is to this date that attempts are made to coincide with the opening of parks, summer resorts, and rest homes.

Amusement rides begin to work there. In turn, Canadians are starting to carry out gardening and gardening works on their house plots.

Holiday 18: Holiday on Mount Sam

Mount Sam is located in the community Vinte province of Anjang. Here you can see a unique complex of temples. The holiday itself is associated with the legend that a statue of a local patroness appeared on this mountain.

In South Vietnam (in its western part) it is one of the most important holidays. Themed holidays are organized on this day, and local residents also visit the sights.

Celebrities born 18

— 18 1048 born Tajik and Persian poet, philosopher and mathematician Omar Khayyam

— 18 1838 Russian sociologist Lev Mechnikov was born

— 1868, the last Russian emperor Nicholas II was born, who was shot by the Bolsheviks

— 18 1872 was born the English philosopher, writer and publicist Bertrand Russell, who in 1950 received the Nobel Prize in Literature

— 18 1883 German architect and designer Walter Gropius was born, who later became director of the Bauhaus School of Industrial Art.

— 181895 was born the national hero of Nicaragua Augusto Cesar Sandino

— Pope John Paul II was born in 18 1920

— On 18 of 1939, Italian judge Giovanni Falcone, who was known for his active struggle against the mafia, was born.

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