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May 23 — what a holiday today, born on May 23

May 23 - what a holiday today, born on May 23

What holiday is today?

Holiday 23: Labor Day in Jamaica

For the first time Labor Day in Jamaica was celebrated in 1939. Jamaica is known to be an extraordinarily beautiful island.

However, at a certain point he was in a depressed state, which was promoted by human activity. The need to eliminate the problems associated with the repair of police stations, schools, hospitals, to restore economic growth rates — these and other tasks were set before the introduction of Labor Day.

Today there is a tradition — the people of Jamaica are exactly 23 who work for free for the benefit of society. Of course, all this happens by mutual agreement, and every year there are fewer people willing to work hard on a voluntary basis.

But still, adherents of this approach to the celebration still remain, and this means that 22 good deeds will be more.

Holiday 23: Day of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan

The holiday is established on the basis of the Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. According to this document, it should be celebrated annually 23 and should be considered a professional holiday of specialists working in the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Azerbaijan Republic.

The order took effect immediately.

Holiday 23: St. Apostle Simon Kanahit’s Day in Abkhazia

23 in Abkhazia celebrate the Day of St. Apostle Simon the Canaanite. For many Christian Abkhazians this holiday is filled with a special meaning.

Simon Kananit was one of those apostles who preached directly in Abkhazia. Also here lie his relics.

A temple was built at the burial site of the preacher in the 9th-10th centuries.

This is the patronal feast of the Novy Afon monastery, and it is one of the most important in the Abkhaz church. According to legends, being a wedding guest, the apostle Simon in the cannon of Galilee was able to see the first miracle — the apostle turned water into wine.

After that, Simon decided to renounce worldly life. He preached for a long time in Abkhazia and performed a large number of miracles, which made it possible to convert many Abkhazians to faith.

It is also known that Simon was persecuted. In the end, as a result of persecution, which was organized by the Georgian king Aderky, Simon was subjected to agony, after which he died and was buried on the shore of Psyrtsha near the cave in which he lived.

23: The Return of the Bab

This is the day on which the prophet-forerunner of the Bahai faith, Bab, declared his mission. It happened on the 23rd of 1844 in Persia (the city of Shiraz). It is this day that is considered the moment of the birth of the Bahá’í faith.

In his writings the women wrote that soon the messenger of God would appear on earth, because of which there would be eternal peace between people. On this day, the Bahá’ís perform prayer rites, glorifying the prophet and his faith.

Born 23

— 23 1707 was born Swedish naturalist Karl Linney, who is the creator of the animal and plant world systems

— 23 1734 was born Lieutenant-General, statesman Ivan Stupishin

— 23 1734 Austrian physician Franzi Mesmer was born. He became one of the developers of the modern hypnosis technique.

— 23 1848 German inventor Otto Lilienthal was born

— 23 1848 was born the American actor Douglas Fairbanks, who became one of the founders of the American Academy of Film Arts

— 23 born polar explorer Nikolai Zubov

— 23 1908 was born the American physicist John Bardeen, who is the inventor of the transistor and the Nobel Prize winner

— 23 1921 was born the film director and People’s Artist of the USSR Grigory Chukhrai.

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