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November 12 — Mother’s Day, the lost child

November 12 - Mother's Day, the lost child

The word «mother» is understood by all people unequivocally, it is a woman who has children. But just imagine what kind of pain those representatives of the fair sex who were already destined to become mothers, but for some reason the child was not born (there was a miscarriage or the fetus died at a certain time) or died soon after birth. After all, they, too, were happy and preparing for childbirth, but this did not happen.

And now no one calls them this affectionate word «MOM».

How was this day established?

The charity foundation “Light in the hands” became the initiator of the establishment in Russia of Mother’s Day, who lost a child. Bookmark it 12.

This initiative has many opponents. People who had been spared such terrible grief claimed that the mother could not be called a woman who did not hold the baby in her arms, did not feed him, did not survive the sleepless nights.

They naively believed that such women could not fully understand the depth of maternal love. These are very cruel statements.

After all, future mothers give all their love to the baby from the moment they learn about conception.

From this day on, their lives, priorities and attitudes change completely. Yes, they have not seen him yet and have not changed diapers, but have already experienced all-consuming maternal love.

And such moms have the right to their day for grief and memory. Indeed, according to statistics in Russia, every sixth married couple faces perinatal problems.

And that’s a lot.

All over the world, such a day has been celebrated for a long time. The first initiative was the Australian Carla Marie Dudley, who lost her baby during the 30th week of pregnancy due to genetic changes.

Now there is such a day in Russia. He united a huge number of women.

They understand that they are not alone in their grief, they feel support and discover for themselves hope for the future.

How to ask angels about a safe pregnancy and childbirth?

I sincerely want as few women as possible to consider this day to be theirs. We wish all future moms safely make and wait for the baby to appear.

To do this, we present several rituals and plots on a safe pregnancy and childbirth.

Let them help you.

November 12 - Mother's Day, the lost child

A conspiracy to have a healthy baby

After closing your eyes, collect your thoughts, put your palms on your stomach and say the conspiratorial words:

“In the open field I will bow to all four sides, and about the health of the little one, that I have not yet been born in my womb, I will pray. Guardian angels and the Virgin Mary, give health to the baby, protect from all diseases, infections and ailments.

To be healthy before birth and strong in the world appeared. Amen».

To avoid miscarriages

To protect yourself from a miscarriage, warm some milk and say the words:

“Strengthen, Mother of God! As the stars of heaven and the river water are strong, let the fruit be strong in me.


Then drink the milk in small sips.

A conspiracy that protects pregnant women

Throughout your pregnancy, contact the Lord, the Mother of God, and the Guardian Angel: “Lord, give me your blessing for all time. The cross-baptist, the soul of my savior.

You save my soul and womb, you protect from various misfortunes. Ahead is the Lord, behind is the Mother of God, and in front of me is the Guardian Angel.

Chur, my body, chur, my belly, chur, my womb is the fruit.


Speak at every free moment, it is a very good and strong charm for pregnant women.

And one more important tip! Try to hide the pregnancy from uninterested strangers for as long as possible.

People around are different, someone has not developed a personal life, they will envy, and envy has a strong negative influence.

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