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November 17 — Eremin Day

November 17 - Eremin Day

17 in the Orthodox calendar is the day of honoring the great martyr Prester Yermei. The worldly bishop Nikandr is also remembered.

They were the disciples and followers of the holy Apostle Paul. Terrible torments experienced Yermey and Nikandr, because they did not renounce their faith.

They were hammered with nails in the head, stomach and heart, then thrown into a hole and covered with earth.

Rites and traditions of this day

For centuries it has been verified that 17 is an unlucky date. On this day, they don’t give birth to new acquaintances, they don’t start new business, and even more so do not play weddings.

They say that nothing good comes out of such undertakings.

You can not take anything out of the house — neither things, nor food, nor money.

It is forbidden on this day to walk on cross roads. Our ancestors believed that it was in such places that supernatural evil forces were gathering.

If there is no other way to get through, then cross yourself with a cross in front of the crossroads and read “Our Father” three times.

Sit at home today and don’t go anywhere

17 is considered one of the most energetically dark days of the year. The people of this day gave the name «Erema — stay at home.»

Why is 17 a dark day?

November is the darkest and most magical month of the year. Outside the window it is damp, cold and dirty, the sun is not enough, it is getting dark early, the mood and state of mind deteriorate. So besides this, any evil spirits become more active, start walking around.

In November, the strongest damage is induced.

By the end of the year, man is weakening. Exhausted over the spring-summer-autumn period, the harvest gathered, all repaired, prepared for the winter.

Energy diminished, we must now relax and gain strength. Taking advantage of this energy weakness, demons begin to roam the earth to feed their personal strengths.

Find the weakest people and use them for their own purposes.

On this day, you should stay at home

The main commandment of the Eremin day is “stay at home”. In Russia, from generation to generation, they passed on the story of how a certain Ivan decided on that day to go for wood. Outside, demons attacked him and shook him so that he remained dumb and blind.

People say that with everyone who decides to go out of the house on this day, some devilry happens, he then starts to hurt and quickly dies.

But the evil force is not only walking the streets, it is trying to get into the house. Therefore, at Yaremu, all windows in the house should be closed, the flap on the stove retracted, and the doors should be tightly closed so that there are no gaps.

Earlier in Russia, if some traveler in Eremin got lost on the way, he was destined to stay overnight on the street. According to popular belief, any guest, even the most familiar, could be a demon in human form.

Yeremu had a strict ban on leaving the house. Previously, even the chiefs gave their employees a day off, and the children did not go to school. Despite the fact that they did not go anywhere from home, it was forbidden to sit idle, it was necessary to do something with it.

The Slavs believed that a demon or even a demon could move into the body of a lazy person.

How to protect the house from evil spirits?

You can protect your home from evil forces with the help of prayers.

Draw crosses over the window and door openings, spread out the branches of rowan on the window sills.

November 17 - Eremin Day

And make bags-charms. Sew a few small pouches from any ordinary fabric and fill them with protective herbs (dill, burdock root, parsley, garlic, thistle, onion peel, nettle, wormwood, basil, tutsan).

Spread the bags at any exits from the house — windows, doors, fireplaces, exhaust holes.

Folk omen 17

Wavy clouds in the sky to bad weather.

If white circles are observed around the sun, it is worth waiting for a snowstorm.

Thick fog on Eremin day foreshadows an ambulance thaw.

Watch the chickens, if they are fingering, then it will soon be snowing.

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