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November 17 — what a holiday today, born on November 17

November 17 - what a holiday today, born on November 17

What a holiday today 17

Holiday 17: International Students Day

International Students’ Day was introduced on 17th 1946, and this happened during the World Student Congress in Prague. The event is set as a tribute to the memory of Czech patriotic students.

For many modern people, Youth Day is associated exclusively with fun, romance, vivid emotions, and it must be said that the holiday is celebrated in most countries.

However, its meaning is somewhat different. His story began during the Second World War in Czechoslovakia.

28 of 1939 the country was occupied by the fascists, and the Prague teachers together with the students staged a demonstration in order, in spite of all the events that took place in the life of society, to celebrate the anniversary of the formation of Czechoslovakia.

But the units of the invaders began to do everything to stop the demonstration, and as a result, student Yang Opletal, who was studying at the medical faculty, was shot dead. 15 his funeral turned into a real protest, as a result of which a large number of Czech students were arrested.

17 fascists surrounded the student dormitories, while they were still sleeping, arrested more than 1,200 students and sent them to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Nine activists and students who took part in the movement were executed without trial in Ruzyne, one of the districts of Prague.

All educational institutions thereafter, on the orders of Hitler, were closed and began to work only after the end of the war.

It is in memory of this event that Youth Day is celebrated 17. Recreational activities are usually not held.

Holiday 17: Day of the district police officer

17 of 1923 The People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs of the RSFSR 17 of 1923 approved the Instruction to the local overseer, and it was this event that led to the introduction of the Day of the District Police Officer. The Instruction itself became a document that contributed to the formation of the divisional system in the structures of the Russian police.

GUOOP GSS MIA of Russia was entrusted with the preparation of relevant events to celebrate this event. And today, on this day, not only corporate events are held, but also ceremonies for awarding employees (including veterans) who have distinguished themselves by their hard work and who have made a significant contribution to strengthening the rule of law.

Holiday 17: Day of Struggle for Freedom and Democracy in the Czech Republic

17 in the Czech Republic celebrate not only Youth Day, but also the Day of the struggle for freedom and democracy. For an event there are two main reasons.

And one of them is the demonstration of 1939 during the occupation of Czechoslovakia. The second date is the year 17 of 1989, the 50th anniversary of the resistance of Prague students.

Initially, the holiday was called the Day of the struggle of students for freedom and democracy, and in 2000 it was renamed the Day of the struggle for freedom and democracy. It is worth saying that on Narodnaya Street in the central part of Prague there is a memorial plaque on which the date “11/17/1989” is written. It is here that the Czechs come to lay flowers and honor the memory of the affected young people.

Mourning events are held throughout the country.

Celebrities born 17

— 17 1597 was born English mathematician and astronomer Henry Hillebrandt, who received fame for his trigonometric works

— 17-1755 was born the king of France Louis XVIII, belonging to the Bourbon dynasty and ruling from 1814 to 1824.

— 17 1788 was born the actor Mikhail Shchepkin

— 17 1790 was born the German mathematician Klaus Möbius, who established the existence of one-sided surfaces.

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