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November 18 — what a holiday today, born on November 18

November 18 - what a holiday today, born on November 18

What a holiday today 18

Holiday 18: Birthday of Santa Claus

18 Russians celebrate one of their official holidays — Father Frost’s Day. Of course, no one knows how old he really is in the same way as the date of birth — her children invented it, since it is 18 in Veliky Ustyug where Santa Claus lives that winter comes.

Naturally, the most careful way to prepare for the holiday is in the homeland of Father Frost — in Veliky Ustyug. On this day, set the mailbox in which you can put a message for Santa Claus. Local kids enjoy this opportunity with pleasure.

The same goes for tourists. By the way, on this day an unusually interesting festival-festival is organized, on which Santa Clauses of the whole world gather.

So, from Finland comes Santa Claus, from Karelia — Pakkaine, from the Czech Republic — Mikulas, from Kostroma — the Snow Maiden. Also, many Russian cities send their Grandfathers Frost separately to Veliky Ustyug.

They come here from Nizhny Novgorod, Vologda, Moscow. Bring and gifts.

So, every year the most important surprise for Santa Claus from Veliky Ustyug is a new costume with beautiful handmade embroidery.

Holiday 18: Latvian Independence Day

On 18 of 1918, the independence of Latvia was proclaimed in Riga, which was enshrined in the relevant act. In honor of this event in the capital, they even erected a monument to Freedom, to which locals are sure to come today.

It is interesting that earlier on this place there was an equestrian monument dedicated to Peter the Great, but with public money they decided to build a new landmark, and each donated funds for these purposes.

After that, the Latvian sculptor Karlis Zale has made this monument, making the sculptural groups talking about important events in the history of the state. And most of all the monument is a female figure, which symbolizes the independence of Latvia.

On this day, local residents will always hang up national flags in front of their houses, and in the evening in the cities of Latvia concerts and other events are held.

Naturally, the evening ends with a colorful salute.

In Riga, he is sent to look at the cable-stayed bridge or the Bastion Hill.

Holiday 18: German Grief Day

One of the traditions of the holiday is laying flowers on the graves of fallen soldiers. In Germany, the holiday is known as Volkstrauertag and is considered a national day of mourning and memory.

This is a kind of reminder of how important it is to reconcile with others and learn to accept the world around you.

The Day of People’s Grief from Germany was established on the initiative of the German People’s Society for the maintenance of war graves as a tribute to the events of 1919, when 2 million people died and went missing during the First World War. Started to celebrate it in 1926.

Then, in 1933, when the National Socialists came to power, the day of grief was declared a public holiday.

From 1933 to 1945, the event was controlled by the Wehrmacht, and the traditions of the Day of Grief were changed. It was only in 1948 that the German People’s Society for the Defense of War Graves re-instituted the Day of Tribulation in Germany in the version in which it is present at the given time.

Celebrities born 18

— 18 1617 was born the French artist Eustache Lesueur

— 18 1647 was born the French historian, thinker, critic of religious dogma Pierre Beyle

— 181720 was born the Georgian king Irakli II, who concluded the Treaty of St. George with Russia

— 18 1899 was born a pilot, major general of aviation and one of the first Heroes of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Vodopyanov

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