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November 23 — Why today everyone needs to taste bread with salt? Omen of the day

According to the folk calendar, 23 are called: the day of Erast and Rodion (since the holy apostles Erast and Rodion are revered in Orthodoxy); Erast — nastya nast (according to popular belief on Erast in one night the winter is setting, from this day they have been waiting for real frosts).

Home sign of the day — taste the bread and salt today

According to folk signs, it is customary to go to church and devote bread and salt. Products after the rite of consecration have healing power and can cure from the most serious diseases.

In addition, consecrated bread and salt attract wealth and wealth to the house, protect it from all evil forces.

On the return of their temple to those who keep livestock, it is necessary to divide the brought products in half. One half is fed to animals so that they more easily endure the upcoming winter cold, and have not been sick all year.

The ritual was so popular with our ancestors that when they bought domestic animals at the bazaar in winter, they demanded from the seller a slice of bread and salt, consecrated to Erast.

The second half of the products are carried into the house.

By lunch, bread is divided into all family members, so that everyone gets a slice.

Eat it in two doses (at the beginning and at the end of the meal), salted and with the words «Bread and salt.» It is believed that in this way you can drive away evil spirits and other evil spirits. The remaining salt is stored in the house for a year in case the cattle gets sick.

People say that the salt consecrated on Erast is capable of raising even a dying animal to its feet.

The combination of bread and salt in Russia has always been sacred. These products from ancient times and still meet the newlyweds and dear guests, and the generous and welcoming people are called «hospitable hosts.»

Bread signs

If at lunch all the bread is not eaten, you can lose happiness.

It is not customary to dip bread in a salt shaker, you need to take a pinch of salt with your fingers and sprinkle it on a piece of bread.

If you cut bread on weight, you can click on hunger.

After sunset, bread should not be lent to anyone.

When bread is baked in the house, you cannot sweep the floor, you can lose your luck.

The one who crumbles bread and throws will experience need and hunger.

You can not knead the bread at sunset, well-being will leave the house.

During the kneading of bread do not allow anyone to look at the dough, it will then be bad to rise.

Since ancient times, the nest is considered a symbol of home, protection, tranquility and idyll. It should in no case be empty, but with birds, eggs or little chicks.

With such a talisman, it will turn out to realize the most daring ideas, as it gives its owners confidence and determination, gives strength to overcome various difficulties. Also charm in the form of a nest attracts wealth to the house.

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