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October 17 — what a holiday today, born on October 17

October 17 - what a holiday today, born on October 17

What a holiday today 17

Holiday 17: International Day of Credit Unions

This holiday is an excellent occasion to hold numerous events for workers of consumer cooperatives. Celebrates International Day of Credit Unions since 1948.

As a rule, charity events, contests, fairs, open days are held on the holiday, TV shows and radio programs on this subject are broadcast.

The credit union itself is an organization of financial support for citizens, as well as one of the most widespread organizations that can compete with banking institutions. In general, the ideas and concepts of cooperation (joint activity) have become part of everyday life since the 19th century, gaining popularity in European states.

It is believed that the founders of the theory are Charles Fourier, Robert Owen, Louis Blanc. They were the ones who tried to explain the economic advantages of cooperation as a form of management, considering it to be an organization behind which there is a whole future without flaws and contradictions.

It is noteworthy that the idea of ​​holding this holiday was put forward since 1927 in honor of Benjamin Franklin, who was born 17. But this day was not popular and was soon abolished. It was only in 1948 that the US government decided to renew the tradition, but set the date 17.

Holiday 17: International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

It is safe to say that one of the main moral challenges for modern society is the fight against poverty. And, acting together, the people of the entire planet will be able to help the disadvantaged.

Such an idea permeates the entire day during which the indicated event is celebrated.

It should be noted that the history of the introduction of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty is associated with Day 17 of 1987, when about 100,000 people gathered in the Paris Trocadero Square. Here, earlier in 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed.

And here people gathered to pay tribute to the victims of violence, poverty and hunger.

Participants stated that the very state of poverty leads to a violation of human rights.

All statements were written on a special memorial stone, the opening of which took place on the same day.

Since then, the holiday began to spread and swept most of the world.

On 22nd of 1992, the UN General Assembly announced that henceforth the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty is becoming an official date. Now every year, 17 people come together to draw attention to the problems of poverty.

In honor of the event, charity concerts, festivals, events are held, funds are raised for low-income citizens.

Holiday 17: Senor de Luren in Peru

300 kilometers from Lima is the city of Ike, in which 17 passes a religious procession dedicated to Jesus Christ. The holiday is attended not only by tourists, but also by local residents, since fairs, performances and various entertainment events are organized here.

The image of Jesus is carried around the city with the beginning of the dawn and ends the march after sunset.

Celebrities born 17

— 17 1729 was born the French composer Pierre Monsigny, the founder of the French comic opera;

— 17 1734 Count Grigory Orlov was born

— 17 17 1813 German playwright and poet Georg Büchner was born.

— 17 1905 was born silent actress Gene Arthur

— 17 1912 was born Pope John Paul I, who became the predecessor of Karol Wojtyla

— 17 1915 was born the playwright Arthur Miller

— 17 1918 was born the American actress Rita Hayworth.

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