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October 17 — Yerofey Day

October 17 - Yerofey Day

17 in the Orthodox world remember the martyr Hierotheos of Athens. The people call this date Yerofeyev Day or Yerofey Leshegon.

Who is Saint Hierotheos?

Hierotheos lived in Athens in the first century. After meeting with the Apostle Paul, he adopted the Christian faith and received the dignity of the first Athenian bishop.

There are not very many facts about his life, but it is known that Hierotheos was at the burial of the Most Holy Theotokos. He died at the hands of pagans.

Traditions and rites of this day

People say that in Yerofey the cold intensifies, the winter changes into a fur coat, the little animals hide in mink holes, and the devil falls into the ground. According to beliefs, this is the last day when the forest owners goblins roam the earth.

From that they rave, run through the woods and make noise, break branches, scare beasts. In the evening, they can take not only berries, plants, birds, animals, but also people with them under the ground.

Therefore, in Russia without a special need, 17 did not go to the forest, otherwise it would lure the evil spirit into an impassable swamp and drown it in the quagmire. If for some reason you still need to go into the woods, then the clothes on themselves are turned inside out, and the shoes are interchanged (left shoe on the right foot and vice versa).

Since the cold weather is approaching, in Yerofeyev the day it was decided to take out winter clothes and shoes from the chests, to prepare them for the season.

October 17 - Yerofey Day

17 begin to try the healing tincture “Erofeich”, which is prepared 2 weeks before this day. It is necessary to put fragrant herbs (anise, thyme, mint, St. John’s wort, chamomile, yarrow, sweet clover, marjoram and wormwood) in a jar, pour in vodka and send it to a warm dark place for 12-14 days to insist. Ready «Erofeich» filtered through cheesecloth and poured into glass bottles.

From many ailments, this tincture cures, and the body, and the soul warms.

In Yerofeyev the day is not played weddings, and do not arrange the engagement. After all, 17 evil spirits walk the earth, which means that married life will not be happy.

How to clean the house of evil spirits?

The following people are especially vulnerable to evil forces:

1. drunkards, drug addicts, gamers and other fallen;

2. those who have no love in their souls and no faith;

3. those who blame the gods (higher powers) for their troubles, and not themselves.

So it’s best to never get out of the house anywhere at all, otherwise evil spirits will definitely cling to them.

Since ancient times, demons are considered to be exclusively evil spirits, therefore no agreements with them can be entered into. This evil spirits spoil, pollute and various diseases (especially mental disorders) on a person, push him to bad actions and instill bad thoughts.

In addition, they hate marriage and do everything possible to destroy it.

Evil spirits condemn a family, in whose house they live, to extreme poverty, and misfortunes will haunt the family to the end of their lives, because it is almost impossible to get rid of sinister ones.

On Yerofeyev, it is customary to clean the houses from evil spirits and evil spirits with the help of special rites. But before that, it is necessary to restore order not only in your home, but also in your soul, and in your thoughts:

Evil spirits do not tolerate positivity and love, and on the contrary, bad mood and scandals feed them. Therefore, do not give evil spirits a chance, do not quarrel, do not swear and do not shout.

Do not use swear words, they attract bad spirits to you.

Spend general cleaning in the house, then light a church candle and, reading the prayer «Our Father», go around all the rooms and every corner.

Let more light into the house, wash the windows and open the curtains.

For exile from the home of evil spirits it is necessary to hang over the entrance wards made of aspen, willow or birch branches, and sprinkle the whole house (apartment) and family members with holy baptismal water. And the best way is to invite the priest to consecrate the home.

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