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October 23 — what a holiday today, born on October 23

October 23 - what a holiday today, born on October 23

What holiday is today?

Holiday 23: Advertising Workers Day

Employee Advertising Day is a holiday for all marketers, advertisers and PR people of Russia. Despite the fact that it has been celebrated since 1994, for such a short period the holiday managed to gain recognition all over the world, and today it is regularly celebrated in various organizations whose activities are related to advertising and PR-activity.

Congratulations on this day are people who contribute to the development of trade and, consequently, contribute to the development of the Russian economy.

It is known that the word “advertisement” originated from the Latin analogue “reclamare” — shout out. Historians say that in the times of ancient Rome there were solemn processions with which triumphal events ended.

They included elements of advertising. Then it was a eulogy, as well as demonstrations of trophies obtained in battles. During the period of antiquity, political advertising was a special eulogistic inscription, which were carved on stones and statues of great commanders.

But in the Middle Ages, advertising began to spread orally — sellers and roving artisans simply shouted out certain phrases.

Modern advertising has become more diverse and even turned into a separate science. They spend a lot of money on its development, knowing that good advertising can ensure successful business development, isolate goods from other similar peers, make the company competitive and generate income.

Holiday 23: Remembrance Day of King Rama V in Thailand

King Rama V reigned for 42 years, and his reign made it possible to lay the foundations for the successful development of Thailand. So, the king knew the peculiarities of the Western management system, managed to establish contacts with many states.

For example, during the reign of Rama V, Thailand was on good terms with France, America, Russia, and Great Britain. He even sent his children to study abroad.

It must be said that the reforms carried out by Rama V affected almost all spheres of the life of the state and society. In particular, it was known that, thanks to the king, slavery was abolished, communications expanded through the construction of railways, and the introduction of telegraph and postal communications.

Also in 1892, a whole system of ministries was created, which controlled the development of local infrastructure.

And we should not forget about the creation of a large number of institutions (especially in the field of education and health).

The death of Rama V 23 of 1910 was a great loss for all residents of Thailand, because it was considered one of the most worthy and beloved rulers. It was during these times that the Thais believed that Rama V was able to ensure the prosperity of the state. And today he continues to pay tribute.

On day 23, Thais lay flowers at the equestrian statue of Rama V in the Royal Square, located in Bangkok. Also, many monuments of Rama V are in other cities of Thailand.

Holiday 23: Proclamation Day of the Republic of Hungary

This is a national holiday dedicated to the Hungarians who took part in the uprising against the USSR. Unrest began in 1956, and 23 in Budapest, an uprising was organized.

More than 200,000 people came to the main square of the capital, demanding the withdrawal of Soviet troops from the country.

However, the USSR controlled Hungary until 1991.

Born 23

— 23 1817 was born the French encyclopedist and lexicographer Pierre Lyarus

— 23, 1908 Nobel laureate and physicist Illya Frank was born

— 23 1940 born football player Edson Arantes Pele

— 23 1980 was born the master of sports of international class Vasily Rochev.

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