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September 12 — what a holiday today, born September 12

September 12 - what a holiday today, born September 12

What holiday is today?

Holiday 12: Transfer of the relics of St. Prince Alexander Nevsky

11 1723 the relics of St. Prince Alexander Nevsky were removed from Vladimir Shlisselburg and 20 were delivered there until 1724. Then 30 of them were installed in the Trinity Cathedral of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery, where they remain today.

Through the adoption of the decree from 2 1724, day 30 was established as the Day of the transfer of the holy relics of Prince Alexander Nevsky. With the transition to the Gregorian calendar, the date of celebration shifted by 13 days, which led to the fact that the Day of the transfer of the relics of St. Alexander Nevsky began to be celebrated 12.

It must be said that the name of Alexander Nevsky is known far beyond the borders of Russia. The commander died on the way from the Horde in the city of Gorodets on the Volga, and it happened 14 1263 years.

Only 23 of 1263, Alexander Nevsky was buried in the cathedral church of the Nativity Monastery of the city of Vladimir, and right there you can see the monument to St. Prince Alexander Nevsky.

Another monument commander installed in Pereslavl-Zalessky.

Already after the burial of the prince began his veneration of the church. In 1380, the imperishable remains of Alexander Nevsky were discovered in front of the Battle of Kulikova in vision. Then the holiday was established.

In subsequent times, Russian commanders often resorted to prayers turned to Alexander Nevsky. Also, the name of Alexander Nevsky named a large number of churches, which are not only in Russia, but also outside.

For example, it is a temple in Tbilisi, the Cathedral in Tallinn, the Patriarchal Cathedral in Sofia.

Holiday 12: Pizza Festival in Naples

Every year a very interesting event is held in Naples, which attracts the attention of a large number of tourists. This is a pizza festival.

Usually it is organized in the first month of autumn, and in the year it falls on the names of 12, and, moreover, lasts 11 days. Throughout this period, smells of basil, cheese, mozzarella soar around the city. By the way, few people know that the venue of the festival was chosen by chance, since Naples is considered to be the progenitor city of pizza, which appeared here for the first time.

And then it spread throughout Italy and around the world.

The history of pizza is quite interesting and covers a period of several centuries. So, long before the founding of Naples as a city in various parts of the world, people were preparing a kind of pizza prototype. For example, in the Persian Empire, these were tortillas with dates, cheese and spices, olives and onions, which were cooked over charcoal.

In Vikings, meat was added to such a “pizza”. Such as we know it now, pizza appeared in the 19th century in Italy as a continuation of the variant prepared in the 10th century on the Apennine Peninsula.

For a very long time, a flat cake with various ingredients, seasoned with herbs, was considered a peasant meal. It was only in the 16th century that the Italians (Neapolitans) began to make flat cakes with tomatoes, which were previously considered to be a true overseas delicacy.

And, as mentioned above, in the XIX century, the king of Italy Umberto I and his wife, arriving in Naples, wanted to try some simple but tasty dish. After trying the pizza, he was very pleased.

Interestingly, even despite this success, the pizza has long remained an exclusively Italian product.

It only comes to America from the beginning of the twentieth century together with Italian immigrants.

And today it is not just cooked, and pizza is becoming a theme for the festival, taking place in Naples, which you should definitely visit for lovers of this dish.

Born 12

— 12 1494 King Francis I of France was born

— 12 1888 was born the actor and chanson Maurice Chevalier

— 12 1896 was born the writer Elsa Triolet

— 12 1906 born a critic and literary critic Sergey Andreev-Krivich

— 12 1921 born science fiction writer Stanislav Lem

— 12, 1949 was born figure skater Irina Rodnina.

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