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Svetlana’s Angel Day according to the church calendar — patron saints

The airy and simple female name Svetlana arose from the Slavic word “bright”. No one knows exactly when it originated, but this name is still popular.

Svetlana pronunciation form in other countries: Ukraine — Svitlan, Belarus — Sviatlan, Czech Republic — Svetlush.

The diminutive-tender form of the name: Svetik, Svetlanochka, Sveta, Svetusik, Svetlanusik, Svetulya, Svetsya, Sveta, Svetochka, Light, Svetulka, Lana, Lanochka, Lanusik, Lanka.

Svetlana celebrates her birthday three times a year:

The church form of the name Svetlana — Photina.

  • Photina Palestine. Revered February 26. During the shipwreck, Photina was thrown onto an island, where she met a Christian who, having converted her to Christianity, sailed away, leaving her alone in prayers. The next six years before Photina’s death, the Christian periodically sailed to bring her food.
  • Photina Roman. Revered April 2. She is described in one of the stories of the life of Jesus in the role of a girl who gave him to drink at the well of Jacob. Photinu and his sons were killed in the year 66 for the Christian faith.

The character of Svetlana depends on the time of year of birth:

Winter — Powerful, ambitious, ambitious, careerist.

Spring — Uncertain, suspicious, depressive, weakly character.

Summer — Talented, sociable, sympathetic, kind.

Autumn — Distrustful, non-conflicting, prudent, pragmatic.

Little Svetlana is a very active, cheerful, sociable girl. Always surrounded by friends with whom she loves to walk from morning to evening and play numerous games. At the same time, she does not refuse to help her mother with household chores and look after her younger brothers and sisters. From a young age she chooses the clothes she will wear, the hairstyle that her mother will do to her. She loves to spin in front of the mirror in her mother’s clothes, look into her mother’s makeup bag. In a word, it grows like a real flirt.

Thanks to her good memory, Svetlana is doing well at school, but without much interest in subjects. If parents manage to instill Svetlana in reading, then she will grow into a comprehensively developed person. In transitional age, Svetlana is more interested in hanging out with friends than studying. If no one follows her school success, she will soon lose interest in studying and will not want to continue studies at a higher educational institution after school. Svetlana knows how to be friends, always comes to help friends, for which they appreciate her.

And as an adult, Svetlana maintains friendliness and optimism, loves to meet new people. There is no jealousy in her, she is unable to harm anyone. Svetlana is not always able to bring the matter to the end, but nobody knows about this, because she has the ability to convince people that she is keeping the situation under control. Svetlana does not like to listen to someone else’s advice, but she loves when she is praised. She is very quick-witted, having flared up at the interlocutor, after a minute she calmly continues communication. She doesn’t have a bad mood. He always dresses with taste, watches the fashion, carefully selects jewelry for clothes, likes to visit beauty salons. She can easily start her life from scratch.

The emotional and impressionable Svetlana may have problems with the cardiovascular and nervous system. In adulthood, Svetlana may experience frequent migraines due to nervous tension. She needs to take care of herself and not to overstrain, take light sedatives.

Not always at school age, Svetlana knows who she wants to work as an adult, so after graduating from school she can change several professions until she finds one that can unlock her full potential. But few of Svetlana climb the career ladder, because of their unwillingness to work from dawn to dusk and improve their skills. It will make an excellent cook, sales assistant, cameraman, manager, musician, artist, actress. It’s better for Svetlana to not start her business; there is no business acumen that is so necessary in this business. Basically, Svetlana just goes with the flow, preferring not to think about working problems. If she doesn’t like it at work, she will quit without regret and find another job.

Beautiful and well-groomed Svetlana is popular with men, with whom she feels more relaxed than with women. Often Svetlana looks like a real snow queen, but her appearance is deceptive. In fact, Svetlana in love is very gentle and passionate, giving herself to her beloved person. For her, the appearance and size of the wallet men are unimportant. If she likes the man, she will meet with him, maybe even agree to one-time sex without commitment. Having truly fallen in love, Svetlana will not cheat on her chosen one, and he will be happy with her.

For Svetlana, it is not typical to marry the first man he finds. She understands the value of marriage, so she carefully chooses her husband, because of this she practically makes no mistake in choosing and divorces very rarely. For the sake of the family, she can give up work, devote all of herself to housekeeping and raising children. Thanks to Svetlana’s ability to adapt to any person, her husband will be comfortable with her and will not have to change his habits. The husband will have to manage the family budget in the family, since Svetlana can spend all the money in a short time and put nothing for a rainy day.

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