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Yuri Angel Day on the Orthodox Church and the Catholic calendar

The name Yuri has ancient Greek roots and corresponds with the Orthodox church name Georgios. Yuri means — cultivating the land or plowman. Another form of the name: George, it also corresponds to the worldly name Yuri.

Name Day on the Orthodox and Catholic calendar George marks twice

  • February 17 — in honor of the Grand Duke of Vladimir — George Vsevolodovich;

  • August 13 is the day of the great martyr Yuri Petrograsky (in the world of Novitsky).

Yuri is a calm, prudent and reliable person. He has high composure, endurance, steadfastness of character and the will to win. It happens stubborn, persistent and convincing in their goals. He is not inclined to dream and make unrealistic plans, from his youth he used to work and rely on his strength.

Yura early begins to show leadership qualities, preferring to lead, rather than being led by someone. This man loves to dominate both in the family and among colleagues, friends or subordinates.

Surrounding Yuri seems quite friendly, sociable and peaceful. But sometimes this person can be vindictive and aggressive. A man is annoyed when he is confronted or disagree with his opinion.

Yuri is hardworking and used to achieve the tasks. He is ready to defend and firmly defend his position, lifestyle, family structure and values. Differs in pragmatism and practical approach to business.

In relations with relatives, Yuri tries to be non-conflicting, prefers to settle quarrels and contradictions quickly, because he does not want to experience long spiritual experiences. He knows how to abstract from everyday work and have a good time, has a good sense of humor, is very mobile and artistic.

Yuri enjoys success with women. Since it is not inclined to be depressed, to be a bore, complaining about fate. Young ladies are attracted by his optimism, resourcefulness and gaiety. But this man is not inclined to be a love man. If it comes to a serious relationship, his companion can be sure of his loyalty and constancy. But this does not mean that this person will not be able to decide on the second and third marriage, if they are surrounded by love and passion. He will continue to take care of his former family, worrying about the material well-being and wealth of his children.

Career for Yuri is not an end in itself. He used to be self-sufficient and make good money, but reaching a certain level may stop and not expand the boundaries of their capabilities. At such moments, Yuri urgently needs additional motivation and inspiration, otherwise he will not reveal his full potential.

His professional interests may be related to research or engineering activities. Yuri has a mathematical mindset, always accurate in calculations, reasonable, attentive and patient. He can be trusted with monotonous work that requires great responsibility. A man used to bring to the end started business, focusing on a successful result.

Yuri will feel comfortable as a leader. He has good organizational skills, is able to competently delegate tasks, focusing on the abilities and skills of subordinates. Always support, train or prompt, not expressing a complaint about the incompetence of an employee in a particular area.

Yura knows what friendship is. He knows how to be an honest, decent and reliable companion. Friends can always hope for his support in a difficult moment. But the most dear to the heart of Yuri will be close. He very much values ​​family ties, respects his father, respects his mother, loves and values ​​his own children very much.

In the family, Yuri used to keep everything under control. It seems to him that his advice and attention is necessary in everything that concerns domestic issues: cleaning, cooking, creating coziness and comfort in the house. Sometimes it burdens loved ones, and they point to his excessive vigilance.

In his wife, Yuri was used to seeing not only his mistress, but also his close friend. He is jealous, suspicious, wary. This is due to the past unfortunate experience that made him very suspicious of women.

In order to win over Yuri, a wife should pay more attention to her spouse, be affectionate, tender and caring. This man cannot be called a sentimental man, but he loves being shown feelings towards him, expecting positive emotions from him.

Yuri’s health is very strong. He is not prone to colds and is highly immune. But sometimes it can scornfully treat your own body, provoking the appearance of a chronic disease.

Novitsky Yuri Petrovich — one of the famous Orthodox, canonized for the sake of good deeds and the spread of faith among the Russian people. Yury Petrovich was born in 1882 in one of the provinces near Kiev. His family was quite wealthy, his mother was a high noblewoman, his father was a justice of the peace.

When Yuri studied in the Gymnasium of Kiev, he became actively interested in religion, and became a deeply religious person. Even when he became a professor in the field of criminal law, a criminal scientist, he did not leave public work for the benefit of the church, became the chairman of the Society of Orthodox Parishes in the city of Petrograd.

Yuri Petrovich began to firmly defend the interests of the church before the Soviet authorities, to provide professional legal assistance to Metropolitan Benjamin. After that, Yury Petrovich, along with the Archbishop and Metropolitan, was arrested by counter-revolutionaries and shot at one of the railway stations, presumably at the Rzhevsky training ground. The location of his relics is still unknown.

The reason for such a quick execution of Yuri Petrogradsky was a high authority among the common people, who valued him for his kindness, responsiveness, bravery and inflexibility.

Yuri (Georgy) Vsevolodovich — Vladimir, Gorodetsky and Suzdal prince. He professed Orthodoxy, was kind, gracious, respected the laws of God, supported the needy, distributing alms, building churches, parishes, built a stone cathedral in Suzdal, decorated with marble and painted ceilings.

After the death of Yuri Vladimirsky, his relics were canonized, and he is equated with the saints as the Blessed Holy Prince George Vsevolodovich.

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