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Black cuffs


Black cuffsDo you have a rival? Unpleasant news.
Still worse ?!
Did your lover have a relationship with her and successfully develop a relationship?
Yes … there is something to fall into despondency.
But, stop-stop, set aside the depression!
The problem is solved: it is quite possible to cool the suddenly flared up passion for separation.

With the help of a black lapel.

What are the cuffs?

According to the method and nature of exposure, white and black cuffs are distinguished. Both are aimed at weakening and breaking energy bonds.

However, the former work more gently, dulling the senses, gradually nullifying the interest towards each other, giving rise to indifference. This type of lapel is called an ostuda.

The action of the black cuffs is not limited to cooling relations, they provoke quarrels and quarrels between lovers, contribute to the emergence of mutual irritation and even hatred. Look around: surely there will be a couple among your entourage who seemed perfect yesterday, and today they are ready to cut their throats into each other’s throats.

Most likely, there was some magic without magic.

Should I use a black cuff?

«Oh cool! — someone will say. — Once the black cuffs are stronger, then they should be applied. What do you have to spend on white ?! «

Such a judgment is fundamentally wrong. Despite the high effectiveness of rituals, exercise black cuffs follows only in the most extreme case, when white magic can not give the desired result.

And even more so you should not try to do them yourself: the risk of a backstroke and various negative phenomena is too great.

How do black cuffs act?

According to popular belief, black cuffs are rarely felt to be a victim on a physical level. However, in some cases, you can observe the appearance of general malaise, fever, headaches, as well as a kind of «psychological breakdown»: depression, irritability, anguish.

As a rule, a sharp deterioration of well-being occurs at the object of the lapel when magic is aimed at destroying strong and sincere attachments.

It should be understood that the black cuffs — nothing more than a kind of damage. Therefore, before resorting to them, you need to think thoroughly: is the game worth the candle? Perhaps it would be wiser to spend their forces not on black magic, risking getting a backstroke, but on self-realization and the search for the one who will love and appreciate without all sorts of witchcraft?

Or the result you need is possible to achieve with white methods? Think about it …

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