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Black Magic — the top

Black Magic - the top

When the heart burns from unrequited love, a person is capable of anything, just to get what they want. In achieving the goal, many wish to use only the strongest means, and one of such means is black magic. It is the dark forces that are able to assist a person in love affairs, and this help will be the most effective and efficient.

But it is worth remembering that black magic is incredibly strong and dangerous, so before you get acquainted with it, you need to carefully analyze all the advantages and disadvantages of this type of witchcraft.

Experienced psychics advise to resort to black magic only in the most extreme cases. But of course, it is best to entrust such a difficult thing to a professional, and not to experiment at home. But if there is still no other way out, and the lapel needs to be made independently, there is one very simple way.

To make it happen, you will need wax figures of a man and a woman with pronounced sexual characteristics. Figures need to be slightly glued together, and at midnight light a candle and speak a spell over them:

Black Magic - the top

When the ceremony is completed, you need to hide the figures away from each other. When the lover returns to you, you can remove the needle from the heart of the figure so that the person can love again.

Never forget that no matter how effective black magic is, it is incredibly dangerous. And the words spell once again confirm.

Therefore, before you make the cuffs with her help, think carefully, do you need it?

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