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Human energy protection

Human energy protection is designed to protect against the impact of negative energy. As you know, a cuff carries a fairly strong magical effect of a negative charge and, as a consequence, presents some danger to the one who makes it. Even an experienced magician, conducting the rite of the lapel must put on protection, and beginners even more so.

For beginners in general, first of all you need to learn how to secure and not harm yourself.

Human energy protection

The danger for the magician from the ritual of the lapel is that if the rite of the lapel is held, but does not fulfill its purpose, the energy intended for its performance, will return back to the magician, and this is not very good, because the energy is negative.

The return of energy can be due to the fact that:

  • on the object of the lapel is protection;
  • sent energy is not enough to achieve the goal;
  • the ritual was performed incorrectly or another magician, a stronger one, intervened in the process.

Human energy protection can be put in different ways, but many of them are not suitable for protection against the return of negatively charged energy.

One of the most appropriate methods of energy protection for the magician is the creation of a cocoon around his biofield.

Our planet has a strong energy field, and the magician must use it when building its defense.

In order to build a protective cocoon, you need to sit cross-legged, arms raised up, joining together and forming at the same time a semblance of a cup of palms facing upwards. The back should be flat, eyes closed. Breathing is calm and slow.

Try to feel the external energy at your fingertips, when you succeed you need to connect to the channel and draw energy from it, slowly passing it through all the chakras from top to bottom, allowing it to go beyond your physical body, forming an energy cocoon at some distance around you. It should be tight and without gaps.

When the cocoon is complete, you can disconnect from the channel and slowly return to the normal state of consciousness. Such human energy protection sufficient to be safe for about a day.

Protection needs to be renewed before it collapses, that is, once a day at a convenient time for you.

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