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Love cuff: consequences, signs, read at home

Many people suffer from feelings that do not cause reciprocity. It happens differently.

  • Some people fall in love with the «wrong» person, then they suffer, not knowing and do not understand what needs to be done.
  • Other partners simply steal by applying a simple lapel.

There are many approaches and situations, the result is the same — people are unhappy.

However, everyone should know that such a situation, as it were, is not from the Higher Forces.

Not for this they gave man this magnificent world. It has everything to be happy, including a lot of people of different genders, between whom passion flares up, giving birth to happiness.

But, moreover, the Higher Powers gave us love magic — a tool that unties a person from the cause of suffering.

What do you think?

Unhappy love is the work of the devil, as they said in ancient times.

Love cuff: consequences, signs, read at home

It was invented by those forces who do not like the normal development of humanity at all. They want to see him dark, terribly miserable and degrading.

This is, of course, a special point of view, but it is precisely this that underlies the philosophy of a love top.

Let’s take a closer look at the ritual.

Love cuff — what is it?

When a person experiences a passion, usually realized, his energy blossoms in violent colors.

It shines, you yourself probably watched.

He is capable of creativity, that is, creation in the area that he chooses. So, in general, it makes its contribution to the prosperity of all mankind.

If love is not mutual, then the energy of light becomes dark.

A person himself experiences only sufferings (of various kinds) and those around him “bestows”.

It is difficult to communicate with such a person without feeling pity or contempt, depending on the situation.

What good is this living planet? Never mind!

Creativity, as a concept, is impossible in such a system. And if it is observed, in order to create more negative, increasing its quantity.

Do you understand the logic? Non-reciprocal love, let believers think otherwise, is harmful to humans and the entire planet!

Therefore, a long time ago, a magic instrument was invented, saving a person and soul from such a misfortune.

It is called the love lapel.

Love cuff: consequences, signs, read at home

And do not think that its creators wanted to «rule the world.» On the contrary.

The goal was purely kind and philanthropic, both in a concrete and in a general sense.

Only much later, with the advent of politics, began to use the lapel of love to manipulate powerful personalities, getting rid of rivals and enemies. (Read the article — How to get rid of enemies)

The essence of the ritual is to remove from the aura the feeling that gives rise to negative emotions.

These included:

  • suffering
  • jealousy,
  • hatred,
  • malice
  • envy,
  • and other.

Such unrealized love was taken out, and the place was filled with bright energy.

Love cuff: consequences, signs, read at home

Now something about the second part of the ritual is not remembered.

Therefore, a love cuff has so many negative consequences. And when it is carried out correctly, the “victim” does not receive anything other than joy and relief.

But we are already living in a different, changed world.

Here it is customary to turn this ritual into an instrument of your own satisfaction. On the good intentions of the parents of the rite all forgotten.

Therefore, we are increasingly confronted with the most painful manifestations of the ritual of taking out love.

And most of all suffer the second half of the «victims», which selfish magicians forget.

After all, in a good way, the cuff must be held, if you take, mutual. So that people calmly split up and build their lives with other partners.

Only professionals do this, and domestic “specialists” do not even think about this side of the coin.

Understand that your beloved «treated» the lapel can be, even without much straining.

Just list the external signs. Usually, they are enough to make sure to take retaliatory steps.

  • The unwillingness of intimacy is pronounced, even inadequate;
  • A person is often as if in prostration, does not understand what he wants, does not remember what he was thinking about (first days);
  • A victim of a love lapel is subject to sudden mood swings, it can be rude, unbearable. Women in this case become domineering and quarrelsome (they saw their man);
  • There is a craving for drinking or drugs (less often). Usually, a person under the lapel pulls to the most indecent entertainment;
  • Loved one does not want to be at home. The man is looking for any reason to be away from who he was turned away from.

Love cuff: consequences, signs, read at home


The ritual leads to the fact that the unusual, magical connection of souls is broken.

The victim feels like cooling.

His second half as a betrayal (if there is one).

Well, the customer celebrates the victory.

Among the negative consequences of a love cuff should be called the loss of energy from all participants in the ritual.

Many never restore it, they get sick and suffer from it.

How to make

An ancient ritual is proposed, allowing to fill the hole in the aura with life-giving energy after the removal of love.

He does not suit those who seek to destroy someone else’s family. (Read the same way — Damage to divorce)

But for people who want to recover from a destructive passion or a broken heart, it will be very useful.

For the ritual will need:

  • candles — 21 pieces,
  • photo of the victim
  • white clothes
  • large mirror table,
  • Icon «Trinity»
  1. You need to visit seven monasteries.
  2. In each buy three candles.
  3. On the waning moon on Friday (at night, before midnight), dress in white clothes.
  4. Prepare the «territory». We need a large mirror, in front of which the Trinity Icon is placed. It must be positioned so that a person is reflected in the mirror (photo), an icon and a candle.
  5. Light the candles.
  6. Stand in front of the mirror.
  7. Take a photo of the victim in your hands if you are not doing the ritual for yourself. (You can read — Removal of damage on the photo)
  8. Twenty-one chant repeat the words of the conspiracy.
    • Take your time, look at the reflection of the lights and Icons in the mirror. Listen to the «noise of the flame» and your voice. That is, take care that nothing distracts you from the ritual.
  9. At the end, go to bed without tidying up and not changing clothes.

Love cuff: consequences, signs, read at home

The plot words read like this:

“Lord! Take the pain of your slave (name)!

In the world of another carry, in the looking glass, where the shadows live. May his sufferings find shelter there!

Let the heart from the passion of sinful cool, from itself otnejet forever! Amen!»

Love cuff at home

  1. Take a piece of paper.
  2. Write on it the name of the person you want to flare.
  3. Light a candle thick, church.
  4. Read like this:

“Stormy winds, passionate winds! You walk on the ground, bend trees, raise waves, do not know obstacles.

Catch the passion (the name of the person) to (name) on your wings, carry it away from it (her)! Let him breathe freely and calmly, let his heart and soul be free! Amen!»

Burn the sheet after reading the plot, and develop the ashes in the wind.

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