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Ostuda rival yourself — two strong ways

In a relationship of two, it often happens that a rival appears. This is especially painful if the woman’s rival is the lover of her beloved husband.

Ostuda rival yourself - two strong ways

Wives in such cases act in different ways: some prefer to compete with a homeowner in all walks of life, others simply forgive the traitorous husband and his new woman, let him go to her, others include the entire reserve of means to eliminate the excess side of the love triangle. Often magic is the last one to be effectively helped, namely — turn-away rituals.

Ostuda on the opponent is one of these rites.

How does a cool ritual from a rival work?

Ostuda from a rival is characterized by sufficient ease of implementation. At the ceremony, attributes are used that cannot be easily found.

In this case, the ostuda has a rather strong effect. It allows you to cut off the energy flow between your man and your rival, which prevents the development of any relationship between them.

As a result, a man loses any interest in the runaway, only negative emotions and feelings replace him.

The period for which the cold helps to achieve the goal — eliminating a rival in a relationship — ranges from 2 weeks to 1 month.

Ostuda from a rival can be used to return the husband to the family, with success it is used by the cunning mistresses themselves in order to separate his beloved from his legitimate wife or discourage him from his girlfriend. Ostuda, made by his wife to her husband’s mistress, is the safest, since it is performed for the good of the family.

In the second case, it can be costly for the performer. It is not for nothing that the proverbial wisdom tells us that one cannot build one’s own happiness at the cost of someone’s misfortune.

The law of karma has not been canceled by anyone — all the negative, committed by you, will return to you, and in a magnified manner.

Ostuda to rival yourself

Simple coolant from the rival to the red ribbon

Ostuda to rival yourself - two strong ways

For the ceremony, it will be necessary to buy the cheapest soap, without bargaining and paying for the purchase with coins, without surrender. In addition to soap, it is necessary to purchase a wide red ribbon (in the needlework or fabrics department).

Having come home, soap should be written on the tape name of a rival, 11 times.

Write the name of your husband on the back of the tape as many times. Then the tape is washed by hand (it is possible and in the washing machine) in very hot water. During the washing process, a plot is pronounced:

“As I washed your name from this fabric, so I swept you out of my life. As the name of your fabric descended on the water, so your personality from us, (husband’s name and your name), gone out. Us, (husband’s name and your name), be together and you have your side.


Wash hot tape in the freezer. After 3 days, get, cut into several parts (the number of segments should be odd) and scatter them in different parts of the village, in which all participants of the ritual (husband, wife, mistress) live.

Well, if the tape segments will be as far as possible from each other.

Strong cemetery cold on rival

One of the strongest cool rites performed in 2 stages. The first part of the ritual is held in the afternoon in the cemetery, the second — at home, after visiting the cemetery.

It is also necessary to know the name of the separated girl.

  • Mention for the dead (apple, apple, gingerbread, chocolate, vodka),
  • a loaf of black bread
  • 2 church candles.

Ostuda rival yourself - two strong ways

Arriving on the churchyard, the first thing you need to find a female grave — the name of the deceased must match the name of the opponent. When you find the grave, take out the bread and cut it in half.

Remove one half into the bag, and into the other, insert one of the church candles. Bread with a candle, put the head of the deceased, light a candle and say the plot:

“Who is dead here, and who is alive? You — lie down, I — run home. As people do not eat the dead, gentle speeches do not speak, so would the slave (husband’s name) silent near the slaves (name of rival), I didn’t open my mouth, didn’t speak affectionately, I didn’t attract white.

They would have cursed and reproached each other, did not cherish love for each other. As this dead man has cooled, so would (the name of her husband) run from love affairs.

I took these words from the pool, where watermen live and evil weaves their nets. As the dead man does not rise from his seat, so does the slave (husband’s name) to slave (name of rival) will not go.

On 7 locks I lock, on 7 keys I lock. Key, lock, tongue. Let it be so!»

After uttering a conspiracy mention, leave the deceased and leave the cemetery without turning back in any case, even if it seems that someone called you by name or something fell. A deceased person in this way can let you know about her unwillingness to get involved in a cool conspiracy.

When you come home, take out the second half of the candle and insert the second candle into it, light it. Read any Orthodox prayer — our Father will work well.

This bread should be eaten with her husband, he must try at least a slice of it.

This cool rite is very powerful. He will help to permanently remove an opponent from your life.

Another cool ritual, see the video:

Guess today using the map of the tarot «Map of the Day»!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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