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Pagan tops — All about love spells

Pagan tops - All about love spellsWitchcraft (witchcraft) was an integral part of the culture of the ancient Pagan Slavs. It permeated all spheres of human life. With the help of witchcraft healed ailments and foresaw the future, they turned to him in search of protection from the enemy and in an effort to calm the raging elements.

Rituals, talismans, plots, coastal symbols — all these magic tools were actively used to solve a variety of problems, including problems of relationships. So, for the «treatment» of love longing, getting rid of rivals or annoying boyfriends, our great-great-great-grandmothers used pagan tops. And very successfully.

Why don’t we follow their example ?!

However, before describing the turn-up rites, I would like to draw your attention to the factors on which their effectiveness largely depends:
— lead time. Most rituals are performed from midnight to the first roosters;
— phase of the moon. The most effective pagan folds made on a decreasing moon;
— mental concentration on the object and purpose of the ritual.

The expediency of applying the pagan top

It is worth noting that the pagan lapels should be used not only in cases where the problem arose without any external magical influences, but also when neutralization of the love spell is required.

What pagan cuffs are allowed to conduct independently? Complex issue. Most professionals will respond briefly: «None.»

We will not be so categorical and tell you about a relatively simple, but effective ritual, a lapel on a candle. You will need: a purple candle, a sheet of paper, scissors, a pen and two saucers. Write on paper the names of the people, the link between which you want to break.

Cut the sheet so that the names are on different parts of it. Fire each of the parts from a candle and place on a separate saucer. While the paper is burning, cast the following spell: “Burn, candle, burn — from the lovers, take the passion away forever.”

Throw the ashes out. It is better to throw the ashes in different directions and with a small interval in order to prevent it from mixing.

Also, good results, even in very difficult cases, can be achieved with the help of pagan lapels using water. She has a crucial role in the Slavic vedomstvo: water is an excellent natural conductor of energy and at the same time this store of information.

Unfortunately, today there are few specialists capable of using this effective and relatively safe tool of pagan magic, since many texts of the conspiracies are irretrievably lost.

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