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Powerful lapel girl from the guy

Powerful lapel girl from the guyIt is very difficult to save a girl from unwanted attachment to one or another member of the opposite sex.

Women by nature tend to be persistent in love, even if it is love unnatural, love-beating.

We will tell you about one effective ritual in which elements of gray otvolotnoy magic are used.

It is advisable that you do not seek to perform these manipulations yourself, but regard the information only as a reason for a substantive conversation with a professional magician.

Who can initiate the proposed ritual?

Either the girl herself, tired of mental anguish, or a boyfriend in love with her, who has happiness from under his nose, or a relative of a sufferer.

A more original version is also possible: with the help of this ritual, a young man is able to get rid of the obsessive attention of an unsympathetic person.

The process of preparing to defraud the girl

The person who will cast a spell must schedule the night of the full moon for witchcraft in advance (see lunar calendars).

Three days before the procedure, you need to go to a special menu.

One should eat predominantly such animal food that is capable of storing and transmitting energy — meat, eggs.

Before you eat, baptize the dish, in order not to accidentally receive a random energy signal.

Alcohol is strictly not allowed. It obscures the mind and dissipates power, makes a person extremely vulnerable.

On the night of witchcraft follows:

  • wear only white clothes (they soften the magic);
  • dissolve the hair;
  • remove all decorations.

The following attributes will be needed: a colorless candle, a new clay of clay, a needle, a clean scarf and three containers — the first with animal blood, the second with fresh river water, and the third with unpasteurized, real milk.

Before you begin, read about the dangers of a strong cold. Maybe your determination will cool.

Ostudy ritual

It is necessary to close windows and doors tightly, to turn off the light in the room. Next, light a candle.

While it inflames, it is required to squeeze the mold in the form of a conditional female figure in a plasticine bar. She will symbolize a girl drying a guy.

When wax is collected enough, it is poured into a mold. On the dried surface with a needle they scratch the girl’s name. The frozen voodoo pupa is gently pulled onto the cloth and punctured onto the needle, piercing the place where the heart should be.

It is important not to break the wax.

Then pinned figure alternately dipped into the blood, water and, finally, into the milk. With this spell is pronounced.

«Anem foreshadow tairim, all-powerful spirits, enter the heart (full name of the lover)! Cool him from passion, carry off his longing, revive him for life. From now on, she is free, and her elect (called the youth) is free too.

Let it be so!».

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