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Removal of the flap with the use of red-hot iron

Even the most sincere and warm relations between people can be destroyed with a lapel. As a rule, under the influence of a magical effect, the prosperous life of a man and a woman collapses overnight.

The endless quarrels that arise over trifles and the absolute lack of understanding of each other is the main sign that a stranger was made a cuff.

Of course, the cuff itself is a strong magical effect, so it is very difficult to remove it. Removing the lapel itself has unpredictable consequences, so it is recommended that an experienced magician perform the ritual.

Removal of the flap with the use of red-hot iron

Ways to remove the flap

In ceremonies, when removing the cuff, additional attributes are always used that enhance the effectiveness of magic words. The rite using spring water has a very strong effect.

For this ritual, you also need to prepare a piece of iron and a pair of church candles.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Candles and a bowl filled with spring water are placed on the table, which must first be covered with a light tablecloth;
  • Candles are lit, and in turn, over their flames, a heated piece of metal, held by forceps, is heated;
  • Red-hot iron rushes into the bowl with water. Then the following words are pronounced:

The removal of the cuff is also carried out with the help of a conspiratorial rosehip tea, licorice roots and dandelion. This drink should subsequently be drunk by a person who has been subjected to a magical effect. It is a rather bitter mixture, therefore it is recommended to smooth bitterness with the help of honey. When making healing tea, you need to pronounce the following magic words:

The removal of the cuff is a complex magical ritual, so its effectiveness is entirely dependent on the energetic power of the performer of the ceremony.

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