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Removing the cuff yourself is not at all difficult

In life it happens that it is possible to notice in time that a loved one is under the influence of a lapel. With this magical effect, the love bond between two people is destroyed.

To counter this, you can only remove the flap. It is desirable for this to appeal to professionals, but if you can not do it, you can remove the cuff yourself.

Removing the cuff yourself is not at all difficult

Ways to remove the cuff yourself

The old rite, which came to us from ancient times, is very effective. It is usually used by wives who found signs of a lapel in her husband. For the ritual need white bread.

It is very important to bake it yourself at night. And on the selected day you can not talk to anyone, and all the time to devote thoughts of his beloved, remembering his happy life with him before he was subjected to magical effects.

This will release the energy needed for the magical send.

Early in the morning you need to go outside, crumble a freshly baked loaf of bread and feed it with crumbs of birds.

During feeding, you should say these magic words:

This rite is most effective in the initial stages of the lapel, when an alien magical effect has not yet led to a final break.

You can remove the cuff yourself with the help of any food prepared for a person who has been subjected to magical effects. You can also talk purchased food, which is a favorite. Speak food to remove the lapel need in a separate room.

The dish should be put on a table covered with a tablecloth, around three church candles should be set. Then you need to cross the cooked meal, light the candles and say the magic words, repeating them all the time until the candles burn out:

To remove the cuff yourself, you need to believe in your own strength and truly love a person. Under such conditions, success is assured, and it will be possible to restore relationships with your beloved or beloved in the shortest possible time.

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