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Strong top: preparation, carrying

Do you want to fight for happiness with radical methods? Well, this is your personal right.

Support — do not support, but we will not discourage.

Under the strong cuffs refers to such methods of coolness, which in magical terminology is called gray.

They are the middle ground between light white and murderous black witchcraft.

Such variants of the divination do not involve causing harm to the object or its partner, but allow one to intervene rather unceremoniously in the course of other people’s destinies.

Preparation for the liberation rite

We urge you to begin the selection of a suitable rite not by reading the “recipes” directly, but by studying some of the basic rules of the gray divination.

Strong top: preparation, carrying

You will find them in the article How to make a strong effective lapel? They are not as complex as you can think, but extremely significant in practice.

Also, be sure to ask about the risks of the event. It is far from safe to do such things on your own, without the control of an experienced magician.

We do not renounce our words: such witchcraft is really not aimed at delivering a serious blow to the karma of the victim.

The trouble is different — you can not master the rite or make fatal mistakes in it.

The result of such errors are often:

  • intractable ailments;
  • severe psychological trauma;
  • bringing a series of failures.

Try to objectively assess their capabilities.

Types of strong lapel

A strong lapel, like a normal white, is universal. Strictly speaking, this term implies a very broad category of parapsychological methods, which are used in a variety of life situations.

For women

Strong top: preparation, carryingMost often, married women who are tired of adultery and who dream of preserving their family hearth by all means resort to powerful witchcraft.

In this case, it is advisable to perform an effective cool on the courage of his mistress.

Under the link you will open a detailed description of the method.

We warn you that for the execution of the Vedovsk procedure you will have to show remarkable ingenuity — to get the thing that binds an unfaithful husband to his passion.

However, you will get acquainted with the details yourself.

Many readers, perhaps, will be interested in a stronger ritual of a wider level — the top of a man from a rival. In a sense, it is simpler than the previous method.

But — this path is also not for the faint of heart. It will take a single visit to the cemetery.

For men

On our site there is information for men, and at the same time for those girls who want to rid themselves of love themselves — see How to ever open a girl?

The publication tells about a very bold magic with elements of voodoo. Do not be afraid — go for it.


If you review the materials mentioned above and find that everything is too simple for you, read this publication.

It is about one of the darkest ways of love otsuhi.

We hope that the description will be useful to you just for educational purposes, and you will not embody the real life.

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