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The lapel at home: how to make and its consequences, on the photo

Let’s see what it means to «make a lapel at home.»

You will say what is there, read the description of the ritual and repeat. However, not so simple.

Have you tried it yourself?

After all, the essence of the ritual is to interrupt the feelings flowing from one person to another and vice versa. This is a very powerful energy.

People have studied for many centuries to make the first dam. And energy in a sense, stronger and thinner.

Lapel at home

First, let’s talk about the meaning of the ritual, that is, what happens during and after it.

Imagine that the people on whom you are going to act are each enclosed in your own ball. Their volumes are filled with invisible fluid.

When they start to have an interest in each other, the previously autonomous balls connect. People can disperse in different directions, and energy all the same make a single whole.

The lapel at home: how to make and its consequences, on the photo

And this happens not only in old couples. This process begins as soon as the interest arises.

Over time, it grows stronger.

The magician will have to redirect the flow of energy so that they break away from each other.

The ritual consists in closing everyone in his shell, and then sending energy in search of another object of contact.

Do you think you can do it at the click of your fingers? (In fact, it is possible, only the forces need Nemer!).

And home rituals are not so voluminous and multifaceted. Their essence is that in this whirl the energetic create a small barrier.

You can conduct an experiment with two streams (in the bathroom, for example). When an obstacle grows between them, the jets change direction.

Water, of course, doesn’t care. And energy sensitively responds to such things.

For love affair harmony is important. When it is not, the whole structure quickly collapses.

This is the direction of the lapel at home.

This is a rite to “throw up” obstacles in the harmony of energy exchange. Someone passes such tests.

It’s true. But for this you need help from Above.

You understand that relationships that are lit by the Lord are almost impossible to destroy.

How to do: what you need to do

Well, let’s move from theory to practical work.

Lapels do not do at any time as it comes to mind. The ritual is best performed on a waning moon.

A black — in the full moon.

The latter is dangerous for a mage who does not know how to protect himself. And in general, you can deal with cuffs only after a detailed analysis of the situation.

The intervention in the “godly fishery” stirs up big troubles. This is when trying to breed people who should be together according to fate.

In the cuffs, it is desirable to use things or highlight victims.

Now they are often replaced by images. This is quite appropriate. The photo is connected with its prototype by a strong bond.

In principle, its use in magical rites is almost equivalent to the participation in it of the victim himself.

The most important thing for the magician is protection. It consists in emotional detachment from the situation.

That is, it is necessary to look at the participants of the triangle (and myself as well), as not completely outsiders.

In no case do not carry out rituals, if in your heart the passion of any sense is burning. Anger or resentment, jealousy or love in this case only harm.

Such emotions include the magician in the energy exchange automatically. Both streams may subsequently close on it, drawing into a series of troubles.

Therefore, it is necessary to prepare in advance, trying to move away.

By the way, it helps many people not to incur trouble, but still achieve the desired goal of humor! Yes exactly. The rite is done as if in jest.

He for the magician — pampering, no more.

In this way, a state of non-involvement is achieved, and, consequently, a result without negative consequences.

When using a black rite, be sure to pay. Mzda should be unusual.

Give emotions.

For example, a girlfriend has long been brewing your earrings. So after the ceremony, give them to her, saying to yourself the word «payment».

How to make a lapel on the photo at home

The time when the ritual to carry out you know how to tune. Now you can begin to study the technique of the magic rite.

You will need a photo of the victim, that is, the person who will be affected. Still prepare a sheet of white unlined paper and a piece of coal.

  1. Light six candles by placing them in a semicircle on the table.
  2. Place a sheet in the center.
  3. On it — a photo.
  4. Circle the image with coal, saying these words:

“Devils get ready, go on the road. Swirl, wrap, (reverse victim’s name) reverse.

So that her (his) eyes do not look, so that they do not dare to look at the threshold (the name of the person from whom you are turning away)! Amen!»

You need to make six circles, each reading a plot.

The lapel at home: how to make and its consequences, on the photo

Now wrap the photo in paper (on which you drew), place the same ember there. Go out into the courtyard, make a fire and burn everything, repeating:

“I burn the paths of the road between (names) forever. Devils between them is a series.

Twists, turns, surrounds, forever in different directions accompanies. Amen!»

The consequences of the lapel

Now a few words touch on what can happen after the ritual.

Despite numerous warnings about the negative consequences of such an intervention, there is almost nothing to fear. Sin is not the ritual itself, but the intention to break someone else’s love affair.

Therefore, the need to defend the purity of thoughts.

If you are trying to turn away the seductress, then this is one thing, and if you are ready for everything from pure whim, it is quite another.

Another one should calm the home magicians. Everyone has their own guardian angel.

He protects from sinful thoughts and the same actions.

If you try to intervene in someone else’s fate, your heavenly protector will simply neutralize the energy invested in the ceremony. And when you protect your destiny, it also connects.

In rare cases, you can get serious trouble. Moreover, they will alarm and sadden all the participants in the events.

But this does not happen often.

It manifests the same payback in the same way as damage. If it happened, then it is necessary to work on its overcoming and removal from the field.

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