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What happens after removing the flap

The lapel is a magical program, under the influence of which the relationship between a man and a woman ends. At the same time, the energy connection between two people is completely broken, but the initiative, as a rule, comes from one.

If signs of a cuff were seen, it is necessary to diagnose and remove it. The longer a person is under a pernicious magical effect, the more serious its consequence and the more difficult the recovery will be.

What happens after removing the flap

Features of the human condition after removing the cuff

After removing the lapel, any person feels crushed and helpless to a certain extent, because he is fully aware that for some time he lived under the influence of others. Therefore, after the lapel, it is necessary to surround the loved one with care and attention, and to provide him peace and proper rest for several days.

Especially you need to take care of the person in the case when the lapel was held after the love spell. In this way, the alien impact is often neutralized, but the load on the energy field doubles.

And a person becomes vulnerable even to accidental damage or the evil eye.

A lapel after a love spell rarely allows you to keep the old relationship. But this method is saving for the man himself, as it allows him to restore the natural structure of the energy field and begin to answer for his actions, not being under the influence of others.

The state after removal of the cuff is akin to a serious illness, after which for some time in the soul there is devastation and physical weakness. But it should be remembered that the man after the lapel in any case should not be given to understand that he was pitying.

During this period, it is important to avoid any conflict situations that may cause disagreement and slow down the recovery process.

It will take a little time and a person surrounded by love and care will be the same. He will no longer mentally return to the time in which he lived like a zombie and learn to perceive the life around him in all the variety of colors.

In most cases, after the removal of the cuff, the human adaptation in the modern world is fast and successful.

It should be noted that there are exceptions. That is, a person, having gotten rid of an alien impact, is immediately included in an active life.

Such people experience euphoria, they begin to appreciate every passing minute and seek to quickly return to a prosperous life.

As for the relationship between a man and a woman, if they were strong and trusting before the lapel, then they can be quickly restored. Otherwise, you will have to build a harmonious relationship again.

But even if this does not work out, then the man and the woman will find the strength to part as friends, forgiving each other for the injuries. Each of them will go its own way of life, on which decisions will be made without any outside influence.

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