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What is a cuff?

The top is a ritual designed to save one person from love attraction to another. Understand the essence of the above definition should be in the broadest sense.

Anti-counterfeit divination can be directed both at the man who needs to be returned to the family, and at the girl suffering from hopeless affection in vain.

Types of divination to calm the heart

There are different types of flap. The simplest — the so-called Ostuda — implies an elementary weakening of the senses.

A man does not begin to consider his passion at all an enemy, but only ceases to feed a great interest in it.

Ostuda is used as a measure of first aid for treason or as a way of self-defense against painful affection.

Divination of a more complicated order — deep lapel. He inspires the object of disgust for the beloved.

Separate rituals even allow you to determine the cause of the alleged tiff.

For example, you can talk spouse on permanent male failures in the bed of his mistress, or to achieve frequent small quarrels couple.

On the side there are protective rites.

Roughly speaking, they are methods for preventing possible love spells or expected changes.

With protective manipulations, rituals partly overlap with the removal of the imposed love spell. They are the most subtle.

Correctly execute them without training, special magical knowledge and talent is possible only in one case by ten.

The explanation is obvious: effectively deal with alien magic can only be when you have an exact idea of ​​her strengths and means. People trying to conjure for the first time can hardly competently analyze the aura of the object (or even their own biofield).

Receiving a lapel

The basic principles of divination to cool are the same as when performing a love spell. If you are interested in the mechanisms of magic, see a separate article on the topic.

What is a cuff?Paraphernalia again similar. At home, almost always used candles, often used:

Characteristic specific attributes are considered salt, scissors. Named objects are much more often used with «cool» rites than with «reducing».

If the divination is conducted for the sake of family preservation, wedding rings and various household items are used. The most classic examples are:

The wife can tell her husband about food or drink, has access to his clothes. Of course, living in one apartment provides very serious opportunities for love vedovstva.

In the cuffs are also successfully implemented methods of ancient elemental magic — appeals to the forces of nature (wind, water, land).

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