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Wife’s cuff from husband can have negative consequences.

Consequences of the wife’s lapel from the husband if improperly performed the ritual can seriously disrupt karma. Rituals have the minimal negative consequences, which are carried out during a divorce when a woman feels that the man has completely cooled to her, and she still has strong feelings for her husband.

Wife's cuff from husband can have negative consequences.

Very popular is the next rite, which provides for visiting the temple in the period of the waning moon.

Before the ritual, you must go to church, where:

  • Buy 13 candles;
  • Consecrate a small amount of pure spring water;
  • Put three candles to the icon of St. Nicholas the Goodman and mentally pronounce the following words:

You must leave the temple silently, without looking back, and you cannot talk to anyone on your way home. On the same day, at midnight, church candles should be placed in a circle on a table in a separate room and light them.

In the center of the circle you need to put a fresh picture of her husband, in which his eyes are clearly visible. Next to it you need to put a container with consecrated spring water.

Next, you need to sit at the table and look focused on the photo unbiased, removing all the unkind feelings from your soul. We must try to present the person in the picture as an absolutely stranger, encountered by chance. Only by feeling calm, coldness and indifference in the soul, you can start reading the following conspiracy:

The plot is repeated seven times, approximately this time is needed for the candles to start to fade. The stubs need to be wrapped in a sheet of clean paper and thrown away from your own home, and the photo hidden in a place so as not to stumble upon it.

Attention! Throw a picture can not be, because it will increase the negative effects.

This lapel begins to operate in about a couple of weeks.

The separation of a wife from a husband can have various consequences. It depends on how sincerely your own desire will get rid of feelings towards a loved one, as well as the absence of malice and hostility in your soul.

But in any case, this type of magical effect during the performance of the ceremony takes power.

Therefore, it is necessary after the ritual to organize a few days of proper rest.

It is imperative to visit the temple after the ritual and put candles for the health of the person with whom the energy connection is broken with the help of magic.

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