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You can remove the cuff from your loved one yourself! To read

Let’s talk about how to take the cuff from your loved one. This refers to the situation when it was really made a negative impact.

It should be understood: natural cooling is not treated by removing the lapel. That is, it is necessary to decide what exactly happened to the beloved, that is, to diagnose exactly the lapel.

Oddly enough, fortune tellers understand this best. There is a special combination of cards that suggests this situation. If there is no sensible expert among acquaintances, then you can handle it yourself.

Buy tarot cards. By the way, they are very helpful in understanding many problems.

Keep them at home. Just do not open without the need. They are very «energy-intensive» (as physicists would say if they believed in magic).

That is, Tarot takes power from someone who does not know how to handle them. But divination alone will not hurt anyone.

First you need to determine the top and do it with the help of tarot cards

Many believe: it is necessary to navigate the behavior of a loved one. Symptoms we give here too.

Only cards are more correct. If you suspect something is wrong, then place the Tarot deck in the heads of a sleeping person. The path will contact him.

About an hour and a half later, remove, without looking, seven cards. Consider them. Lapel will mean the Moon, the Hanged Man and one of the sevens.

This combination clearly indicates a negative impact.

Moreover, if there are no sevens, it means damage to a loved one. She acts on him so that he does not want to communicate.

If the seven of swords falls out — it means that someone wants to select your beloved one. Take a look around. The lapel made someone close friends.

When the Pentacles seven fell out, beware, you have become a victim of a very cunning and mercenary person. The seven bowls predict: the customer of the lapel moved revenge or envy. The map of the batons speaks of the weakness of the one who made the cuff.

It will be easy to get rid of it.

Signs of a loved one’s cuff

Now let’s talk about what, in fact, should cause suspicion. Before you figure out how to remove the cuff from your loved one yourself, make sure that you are not a victim of your own conjectures.

That is, analyze the circumstances of change in your loved one.

They will gradually acquire fairly clear images and features. We give an approximate list of signs of a cuff.

Cooling the senses. Favorite ceases to feel the constant desire to be there, touch you, kiss and so on. Intimate moments happen less and less and do not deliver the former delight. Favorite does not want to meet your eyes.

The latter is very important. Sometimes it looks like a hoax.

But in fact, the man himself does not understand what is happening to him.

Constant tension in communication. Here we have in mind scandals and quarrels, claims and offenses. The main thing is that both of you stop experiencing trust and tenderness towards each other.

Normal calm and confidence give way to discontent, implicitly increasing and exploding space.

Bad habits . A person under the influence of a lapel is prone to abuse. This may be alcohol, smoking, drugs. In principle, it does not matter that it «relaxes».

Just this becomes many times more than before. And most importantly: the sharpness of all these changes.

If reasoning and remembering, you can draw a line when a person has become different, it means that a lapel definitely takes place.

Ways to remove the cuff from your loved one yourself

Now let’s talk about practical actions. Do not assume that it is difficult to remove the cuff. In fact, it is inaction that is dangerous.

Consider: a lapel just like that, by itself, does not “resolve”. It is necessary to take measures of magical protection.

And the first thing to do is to calm down. Do not be nervous if you do not want to lose a loved one.

There is an antidote to any trick of the sly. Moreover, you are doing a good deed, protecting your beloved from a black attack.

Perhaps without your help, he will have a very hard time. The lapel changes fate, far from it, not for the better.

Behind it will change the character, can leave well-being and so on. The man will refuse at the very bottom.

Grass plot

This ritual has a very ancient history.

It is even difficult to guess when they were used for the first time.

For its holding it is necessary to cook herbs. You can buy at the pharmacy.

You will need: dandelion leaves, wild rose, licorice root. It is believed that even better when the ingredients are collected independently.

But this is optional. Simply enhances the effect of the ritual.

Give time to drink with your favorite cooked potion at once, hot. Take herbs with a teaspoon, put in a teapot and pour boiling water.

They must be drawn for fifteen minutes. During this time you have to repeat the words of the conspiracy three times.

“The grasses are strong, saturated with earth, washed with rains, the sun warmed by the rays, I pour water over it, I give it strong power. To take away from the body and soul (the name of the person) slander and spell, villainous deceptions, witchcraft and sorcery, other villainy.

Troubles will clean the broth, the happiness of love will return. Amen!»

Conspired salt

Take the photo you shot together. They must be from the time when the lapel was not yet.

On a waning moon, buy a packet of salt.

The one that is at home, do not take it.

Put the photo in a jar, pour it completely with salt. Say the conspiracy words to the salt and close tightly.

“Salt is white, clean, sparkling, relations fall asleep, dark forces are driven away. Come angels from heaven, drive out demons that got into (them a person)!

Collect sorcery in the salt, dispel the spell. Salt I fall asleep — I return happiness! Amen!»

Place a jar with a photo and salt under the bed, on which the beloved sleeps. There she must be at least seven days. When the moon turns to growth, bring the jar to the street.

Salt pour into flowing water. Photo put under the mattress.

Usually, one time is enough to turn the lapel. In severe cases it is recommended to repeat the ritual twice more with a period of one month.

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